Thoughts of a 31 Year Old

It’s 6am and I was lying in my bed pondering and reflecting. That seems to be a natural state of being for me and I’m really grateful that is the case. I think we human beings are always receiving messages throughout the day and have little to no clue that our brains/emotions are working overtime… Continue reading Thoughts of a 31 Year Old

Pain is Inevitable, Healing is Too

A little over a year ago I was in a predicament.  A close friend gave me her word and broke it in half.  I felt betrayed.  Unloved.  Disrespected and discarded.  Pain raged in my heart and emotions blinded my view of the figure standing before me.  The one who had betrayed me.  The problem is, her betrayal… Continue reading Pain is Inevitable, Healing is Too

Beautiful Things

Watching “Cinderella” with friends Dialoguing with friends about the spiritual messages we received from the movie (Cinderella) Car pooling with spiritual family Laughing with spiritual family Eating with spiritual family Developing a new friendship with a beautiful, godly woman who thinks I too am a beautiful godly woman Not working for 4 weeks and then… Continue reading Beautiful Things

Good Things in This Season

This weekend was a very good weekend. I took off Friday and though I had some running around to do I enjoyed a nice lunch alone at one of my favorite restaurants. I got to talk to some friends on the phone about an interview I had that day and was so blessed by how… Continue reading Good Things in This Season

Why You Are Not Being Pursued

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend. She shared about how foolish she felt for getting her hopes up that a young man she was in communication with did not pursue. He seemed to be interested and she looked forward to their next meeting and anticipated an opportunity to get to know him… Continue reading Why You Are Not Being Pursued

When Emotions Rise

God’s will is often challenging. Just when you think you’ve “made it”, there is another obstacle to be overcome. Now I know His word promises that we have in fact, already overcome those obstacles (Phil 1:6). But my emotions tend to think otherwise. They rise and hover over me in such a fashion that I… Continue reading When Emotions Rise