2 Versions of Every Story

So I’m on Day 8 of the True Love Dates Challenge and I really appreciated today’s lesson. Debra Fileta recommended writing out the 2 versions of our story in this stage of life. She encourages this b/c she wants you to see that there are always 2 perceptions we can have in life. The key… Continue reading 2 Versions of Every Story

Great Insides

Nicole never gives up. Nicole cares more for others than for herself. Nicole doesn’t want what she doesn’t have. She doesn’t strut. She doesn’t have a swelled head. Nicole doesn’t force herself on others, She isn’t always “me first”. Nicole doesn’t fly off the handle. She doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, She… Continue reading Great Insides

Day 4-Dating Challenge

So I’m on day 4 of this 21-day-dating challenge and I’m learning some good stuff. There are a lot of confirming scriptures and methods of reflection which is to me God’s way of saying “You are on the right path”. It’s one thing to learn about being a healthy person through various blogs, podcasts and… Continue reading Day 4-Dating Challenge