Hello Thirty Eight

I have been blessed to have found an outlet for the current of life, in my friendships. These women have adopted me into their hearts and named me their sister. They say the word so effortlessly and fill it with a grace that smooths out my broken edges and difficult ways. They have been the very sponges to polish my jarring weaknesses. They have been God’s hands to uphold me in the midst of trauma, loss, heartbreak, and pain.

Great Insides

Nicole never gives up. Nicole cares more for others than for herself. Nicole doesn’t want what she doesn’t have. She doesn’t strut. She doesn’t have a swelled head. Nicole doesn’t force herself on others, She isn’t always “me first”. Nicole doesn’t fly off the handle. She doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, She… Continue reading Great Insides

Joy On The Inside

I stood in the bathroom mirror and struggled with my emotions.  My ipod was blaring party music and it was my big day.  But so many seemed as if they wouldn’t show and fear was overcoming my thoughts.  Finally I heard the Lord.   “Nicole, you need to rejoice regardless of your circumstances”. He made it very clear… Continue reading Joy On The Inside

I Waited for You

One of the things that has brought comfort in this “season of singleness” is the fact that there are many others having the same experiences. Many others who are fabulous, amazing individuals who could be dating or courting or “kickin it”. But they don’t. Because they desire something greater. One of those individuals is Janette… Continue reading I Waited for You