Being Kept

This morning I listened to a podcast on dysfunctional relationships. It was HEAVY stuff. It’s so easy for me to forget how “crazy” people can be in their mindset and beliefs and the way they function. How “off” they can be in their character. I keep forgetting. And instead I listen to the deceitfulness of… Continue reading Being Kept

A Glimpse Into My Day

I leave class 30 minutes early because I finished my practice tax return in record time.  The CPA teaching the class is impressed.  I’m just grateful.  Seeing as how I registered a month late for the class, I’m totally relying on Jesus for me to get up to speed on the material.  As usual He’s… Continue reading A Glimpse Into My Day

The Pursuit of Happiness

Life is interesting these days. You pray and pray and pray for work and then it comes and then you pray for rest. Or better yet you pray, “Lord, help me get through this week!” We are never satisfied :-). Good news is I have grown in more confidence with this calling I feel in… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

A Woman’s Worth

When i was 17 years old I gave away something very precious to a boy who wasn’t worth it.  He never took me on a date.  He never met my family.  I never even received a bouquet of flowers.  Still, I called him my boyfriend.  I was so desperate to be loved that I gave… Continue reading A Woman’s Worth

My Thoughts on Miley: Wrecking Ball

I am listening to a popular song by a popular girl who is more known for her outrageous behavior rather than her stellar vocals. I listen to her song and intentionally never watched its corresponding video because I did not want judgment and criticism to taint my vision of who she really is. And how… Continue reading My Thoughts on Miley: Wrecking Ball

I Waited for You

One of the things that has brought comfort in this “season of singleness” is the fact that there are many others having the same experiences. Many others who are fabulous, amazing individuals who could be dating or courting or “kickin it”. But they don’t. Because they desire something greater. One of those individuals is Janette… Continue reading I Waited for You

Trusting God with Your Story

On Saturday I attended my 4th and final wedding of the year. Well, it was really my 3rd as I did not make the 2nd one I was invited to.  But I did make the reception so I’m going to count this as my 4th.  Anyways, I was touched by the intimacy and love that… Continue reading Trusting God with Your Story

The Error in Comparing Lives

Lately I’ve been stalking a certain blog. In the past I’ve read the author’s writings off and on but lately I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I’m stalking :-). I just love her story so much! We have similar journeys and we function spiritually in the same way. But reading her story just seems… Continue reading The Error in Comparing Lives

Dear Nicole (2014)

At the beginning of the year, New Year’s Day, my friend had us write ourselves a letter that she would send out at some point throughout the year. From time to time I would remember about this letter and the fact that my friend had not mailed it. I’m not going to lie, I figured… Continue reading Dear Nicole (2014)