The last few months of my life have been riddled with sketchy and surprising behavior at best.  That age old wrestle between the flesh and the Spirit continue to combat within me and sometimes it’s a day-by-day…moment-by-moment occurrence.  In the midst of this battle I found my good friend’s blog post on the subject of… Continue reading FLATTERED BY ATTENTION…WHY DO YOU WANT HIM? (Reposted from Ms. Mia Writes)

The Root Digger

For the past several months I have been HARASSED. These pesky flying black bugs (other wise known as fruit flies) invaded my home over the summer and settled in as if they were paying rent! My roommate and I naturally assumed that once the weather changed they would die off and leave. Well imagine my… Continue reading The Root Digger

Church, Coffee and Communion

Sunday morning I found myself in church.  Not my normal small fellowship where members surround round tables and dialogue about the most recent lesson on being an effective intercessor.  But an actual church service with a worship team ministering and a pastor preaching and a place where actual member’s classes are held (at our fellowship people seem to just appear… Continue reading Church, Coffee and Communion

Life’s Beautiful Moments

When my coworker tells me she and her daughter have been reading my blog and its been ministering to them both. My mentee in Africa emails me she misses me. Even having a mentee in Africa. My dad sends me a text he loves me (I love you too dad). A slew of folks on facebook… Continue reading Life’s Beautiful Moments

Jesus vs. Hollywood (Guest Post)

After a particularly angry thunderstorm I decided to settle in for the night with a new blockbuster movie. The film is basically about a futuristic world where earth is attacked by underwater sea monsters that seem hell bent on kicking our butts. So world leaders get together and come up with a plan to create… Continue reading Jesus vs. Hollywood (Guest Post)

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