Christmas In The Sand

As soon as we landed I felt different. A long awaited smile broke through under my mask and I’m sure the sunshine reflected the gleam in my eyes easily. In just 6 hours I was transported from 30 degrees with snow to 80 degrees with sand. It’s kind of miraculous when you think about it,… Continue reading Christmas In The Sand

A Much Needed Visit

God’s ways and paths are so different for each of His children. For some they have their families to demonstrate His unconditional love and acceptance as soon as they leave the womb. Whereas others are born into brokenness. For the latter, their families may have the best intentions of the world but life has dealt… Continue reading A Much Needed Visit

Accepted By the Beloved

There once was a girl who, even while in her mother’s womb knew pain.  While her mother carried her, there was a certain family member that did not approve of this pregnancy, and she made it a point to let the mother know it.  She often made the mother cry and regret her decision to… Continue reading Accepted By the Beloved

Overcoming the Winter Seasons of Life

I looked at my phone and was surprised to see the message on the screen.  My friend shared some news about her current plight as a single parent of now 2.  Of course I called instead of replying via text because that’s what good friends do.  We don’t respond to such sensitive, weighty matters via text.… Continue reading Overcoming the Winter Seasons of Life

The Unlikely Guest

I walk into my kitchen with the intent of heating up some water and mixing it with a package of chocolate powder to get warm and satisfy my sweet craving.  But I stop short quickly when I see that he is there.  He is there and she is there, but it is him that surprises me because he… Continue reading The Unlikely Guest

The Root Digger

For the past several months I have been HARASSED. These pesky flying black bugs (other wise known as fruit flies) invaded my home over the summer and settled in as if they were paying rent! My roommate and I naturally assumed that once the weather changed they would die off and leave. Well imagine my… Continue reading The Root Digger

A Long Way Home

Four years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would become entangled in this way.  Not with him that is…And every meeting pushes me further and further away from my goal which is Christ.  To live for Him, to surrender to His will, to walk with Him.  Instead my spiritual compass is sporadically pointing in every direction and much… Continue reading A Long Way Home

Learning the Art of Waiving Your Rights

This morning I met Yeshua in that intimate place between 6:15 and 6:30am.  These are early hours for me and it is only His Spirit that enabled me to stay up long enough to roll over onto my knees, face on the pillow and head into His chest.  Immediately I became extremely aware of His… Continue reading Learning the Art of Waiving Your Rights

The Amazing Race!

Ok, so I have a confession.  I’m addicted to the reality show, “The Amazing Race”.  Not a big deal right?  Well, I’m super late in my addiction and I just finished season 3 but the show is now on something like season 23, so I’ve got a long way to go before I catch up!… Continue reading The Amazing Race!