A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating (Well)

Ever see that movie “He’s Just Not that Into You”? Well if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve experienced, or know someone who’s experienced any of the types of relationships that were occurring in that movie. And most of the relationships were, well, dysfunctional. *Spoiler Alert* There’s a married couple who got married because they were… Continue reading A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating (Well)

When Trust is Broken

No matter what your personality type, your skin color, your religious beliefs, if you have been hurt/wounded/betrayed by someone you love, you will find it hard to trust that person again. At some point, they made it into your inner being. At some point you stopped being passerby, acquaintances, and mere friends. You became family.… Continue reading When Trust is Broken

God, What Are You Trying to Teach Me?!

This season has been a doozy for my community of folks. It has been one thing after another of unexpected events aimed to take down the faith of the brethren and wear out the saints. The other night I was thinking about my own area of testing and wishing it away. “Man I can’t wait… Continue reading God, What Are You Trying to Teach Me?!

Accepted By the Beloved

There once was a girl who, even while in her mother’s womb knew pain.  While her mother carried her, there was a certain family member that did not approve of this pregnancy, and she made it a point to let the mother know it.  She often made the mother cry and regret her decision to… Continue reading Accepted By the Beloved

Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine

This week my friend came over and we hung out twice.  Even though the circumstances of this season are less than fortunate, I’m blessed to see my relationships with others growing in intimacy as a result.  This particular friend has been a surprising source of blessing and encouragement.  She and her husband have affirmed me… Continue reading Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine

A Sober Realization, This World is Passing Away

Friday night I was blessed and honored to celebrate the marriage of a brother in the Lord. I was blessed because I had been waiting with him for the desire of his heart to be met. Years ago he shared his desire and yet it was several years before the Lord brought forth His promise.  … Continue reading A Sober Realization, This World is Passing Away

Where I’m at These Days

I’ve found myself in recovery from the removal of codependent relationships. Some have lasted more than a decade. And though it is now freeing to experience life in this new and healthier way, it is also scary and makes me feel extremely vulnerable. But I guess that is how anyone feels when they’ve been addicted… Continue reading Where I’m at These Days