Lessons From The Biggest Loser

   So I was watching an older season of “Biggest Loser” last night on Hulu as I tend to do from time to time and something really upset me. There was a contestant on there who was married and her partner had been voted off a few weeks prior. She, however was still “hanging in… Continue reading Lessons From The Biggest Loser

A Fight For Wholeness

Yesterday I had a convo with a good friend about her upcoming b day.  She turns 32.  I was so touched that she opened up about her own struggles with getting older and her life not looking the way she thought it would look.  She shared about the pressure she receives from her church community to get… Continue reading A Fight For Wholeness

Thoughts of a 31 Year Old

It’s 6am and I was lying in my bed pondering and reflecting. That seems to be a natural state of being for me and I’m really grateful that is the case. I think we human beings are always receiving messages throughout the day and have little to no clue that our brains/emotions are working overtime… Continue reading Thoughts of a 31 Year Old

Good Things in This Season

This weekend was a very good weekend. I took off Friday and though I had some running around to do I enjoyed a nice lunch alone at one of my favorite restaurants. I got to talk to some friends on the phone about an interview I had that day and was so blessed by how… Continue reading Good Things in This Season

Lies We Believe, Truth in the Inward Parts

“Fat, Black and Ugly!” Those were the words she was yelling at me down the middle school hall. I was a 7th grader and she was an 8th grader. She was bigger, stronger and more popular. So when she threw a basketball at me in the gym and it hit me in the head, I… Continue reading Lies We Believe, Truth in the Inward Parts

When Trust is Broken

No matter what your personality type, your skin color, your religious beliefs, if you have been hurt/wounded/betrayed by someone you love, you will find it hard to trust that person again. At some point, they made it into your inner being. At some point you stopped being passerby, acquaintances, and mere friends. You became family.… Continue reading When Trust is Broken

Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine

This week my friend came over and we hung out twice.  Even though the circumstances of this season are less than fortunate, I’m blessed to see my relationships with others growing in intimacy as a result.  This particular friend has been a surprising source of blessing and encouragement.  She and her husband have affirmed me… Continue reading Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine