Dear Nicole (2014)

At the beginning of the year, New Year’s Day, my friend had us write ourselves a letter that she would send out at some point throughout the year. From time to time I would remember about this letter and the fact that my friend had not mailed it. I’m not going to lie, I figured… Continue reading Dear Nicole (2014)

How To Overcome Heartbreak (The Book)

Dear Reader, I first want to thank you SO MUCH for your consistency in reading my little blog.  Even if you fell off at times, the fact that you remained subscribed speaks to me of your interest in my life :-).  I hope that reading my unfolding story has inspired you in ways, comforted you,… Continue reading How To Overcome Heartbreak (The Book)

SuMmER FuN :-)

This has by far been a FANTASTIC summer. Now summer has always been my favorite month. It’s like shaking off the layers of heavy apparel from winter and the negative temperatures is just what is needed to light up my life and put a smile on my face. I love to feel the warm sun… Continue reading SuMmER FuN 🙂

The Selfish Saint

It is both unsettling and relieving to awaken to one’s own “neediness”. Unsettling because the pride I was subconsciously clinging to in my walk with Christ is being dispersed. It is relieving for this very same reason. One cannot be prideful when one sees this unattractive quality about themselves. Or at least a quality that… Continue reading The Selfish Saint