Fly Girl

It’s funny how you can be oblivious to certain things in your culture. You’ve grown up in it, been immersed in it since birth and are pretty immune to certain occurrences.  The same goes for family culture. I am realizing in this season how much my family culture has shaped my identity. One particular way… Continue reading Fly Girl

No More Fairytales

I used to believe in fairytales. I used to believe when Disney said that the couple lived happily ever after, well, then they did. I believed the ending of Pride & Prejudice when Elizabeth is sitting there in front of her newly inherited mansion of a home, blissfully happy with Mr. Darcy (her new husband).… Continue reading No More Fairytales

Seeing the Value of Self Examination

Last night I found myself at a bible study with a church my fellowship is in relationship with.  I had been looking forward to attending all day.  I’ve been struggling with purpose and identity and all those types of things that can weigh a 30-something year old down when life doesn’t look the way she… Continue reading Seeing the Value of Self Examination

Last Day of Tutoring

For the last few months I have been volunteering with a Christian organization in my community weekly. The position was to help kids with tutoring but I ended up with an adult woman who wanted to improve her reading. While this caught me off guard I was open to being used in whatever way was… Continue reading Last Day of Tutoring

Peering Behind the Curtain

It is being brought to my attention in this season the true, unadulterated purpose of my life. For many years I thought its’ purpose was to achieve, receive and have. I would have told you it was to glorify my Maker. I would have said these words out loud in fervent declaration as I belted… Continue reading Peering Behind the Curtain

The Id, the Ego & the Self

Recently I have come into more understanding of the necessity of growth and maturity as a believer in Jesus Christ.  I decided to try my hand at something new and wrote a story depicting what I’m learning.  It’s a little lengthy but hopefully still enjoyable :-).  Shalom! There once were three coworkers, Id, Ego and… Continue reading The Id, the Ego & the Self