Does God Care About My Vote?

In about 24 hours America will have a new President. A new Leader. And that’s a pretty big deal. Leadership determines the direction of a team. Leadership entails power and authority and influence. There are lots of scriptures in the Bible that teach us how important leadership is and how important the government is. This… Continue reading Does God Care About My Vote?

Beautiful Things

Watching “Cinderella” with friends Dialoguing with friends about the spiritual messages we received from the movie (Cinderella) Car pooling with spiritual family Laughing with spiritual family Eating with spiritual family Developing a new friendship with a beautiful, godly woman who thinks I too am a beautiful godly woman Not working for 4 weeks and then… Continue reading Beautiful Things

The Id, the Ego & the Self

Recently I have come into more understanding of the necessity of growth and maturity as a believer in Jesus Christ.  I decided to try my hand at something new and wrote a story depicting what I’m learning.  It’s a little lengthy but hopefully still enjoyable :-).  Shalom! There once were three coworkers, Id, Ego and… Continue reading The Id, the Ego & the Self