The Best Seats in the House

So yesterday My friend Hope and I went to see Tony Evans preach in a local church.  We got there and it was packed. The main room was full and the overflow room was filling up.  We were offered the overflow room but declined b/c it only showed the service on tv’s and we would have to watch Dr. Evans… Continue reading The Best Seats in the House

Are You Content with Your Portion?

Over the weekend I came across a few blog posts written by people in different seasons than myself.  One blogger was a “mommy blogger” and was encouraging moms.  She shared about her grand dreams of doing something “big” for the kingdom and listed several single women in history who seemed to contribute greatly to the… Continue reading Are You Content with Your Portion?

After the Dating Fast

Several years ago in my early 20s my friends and I read a slew of books on singleness and dating.  We had dated in the world and knew that wasn’t God’s desire so certainly dating according to the teaching of the church would equip us with the godly marriage we wanted.  I’m using sarcasm here… Continue reading After the Dating Fast

Change is Good

So I got to finally hang out with my friend last night.  We had been missing each other for months and it seemed like forever since we had our normal one-on-one at our favorite hangout: Panera Bread 😉.  I had to re-arrange my schedule and even when other events emerged that day which threatened to dismantle our intended quality time I… Continue reading Change is Good

Recovering from Misguided Love

You know how the Bible talks about God having ways?  Like those passages that say “Lord teach me Your ways” and “His ways are higher than our ways”?  Well, I’ve said that prayer, “Lord, teach me Your ways” as I was sitting on the living room sofa my roommates and I shared as a 20-something.  I had my Bible… Continue reading Recovering from Misguided Love