Everything Has Changed

A friend of mine is walking through a really hard season right now. Her boyfriend is facing a terminal illness and she is his sole caregiver. She confided in me about how exhausted she was and how her body was growing weary from the daily grind of tending to him emotionally, mentally and physically. But… Continue reading Everything Has Changed

Looking Ahead

This morning I received a devotional from my coworker who God has used several times in my life to encourage me and speak His word to me. This devotional discussed not letting your past define your future. That is such a difficult thing for me. I constantly project my past onto my future. Usually they… Continue reading Looking Ahead

For You Single Woman (And For Me)

I am always in awe when people reach out to me through this little blog. I’m super blessed when there are other young, brown women with similar spiritual journeys who comment or email me. I have been doubly blessed even recently when this happened. It is for that reason I want to share the following.… Continue reading For You Single Woman (And For Me)

Learning to Dine

Everyday this past week has been full of friendship and comradery. I talked with my friends til the wee hours of the night in the front of a bonfire. Wine flowed along with hot dogs and s’mores. We sat and talked about deep things. Spiritual things. And not so spiritual things. We have come a… Continue reading Learning to Dine

Things I wish I Could Say

I wish I could tell you how much your anger hurts me. It unleashes so quickly and easily, whipping lashes at the nearest person, successfully creating lasting scars, much like slaves received years ago. I received so many lashes myself over the years and didn’t even realize it. They weren’t physical but they were verbal… Continue reading Things I wish I Could Say

A Beautiful Storm

Yesterday I was talking to my friend who is more like a sister. I have so many of those. Sisters. And I don’t deserve them at all. Women who have stood by me over the years, have loved me unconditionally and taught me what true love is. I’m still learning. But we were talking and… Continue reading A Beautiful Storm

The Letter

Several years ago I had the opportunity to apply for a new position. It would be a promotion and my manager was eagerly encouraging me to apply. I had missed out on a previous position and really was ok with that b/c I was being sensitive to Holy Spirit. I figured that since I had… Continue reading The Letter