My Church Was Silent- Guest Post, by Esperanza Gallon

I remember the time I was stirred from my sleep by the sound and sight of a young Black man being chased by a mob of white male students while being called the N-word, and the entire year when bricks were thrown through Black students’ apartment windows. There’s even the time when a brick was thrown through the window when I was working as a crisis hotline counselor because I would not support KKK propaganda while taking a hotline call. I lived in fear as a student there.

How To Be An Overcomer, Hope Gallon

To kick off the release of my book “How To Overcome Heartbreak” you will be hearing from various guests on how they overcame their individual life challenges!  The following is an interview by Overcomer, Hope Gallon: Bio Name: Hope Gallón Age: 32 Occupation: Counselor Hobbies/Interests: movies, travel, eating, fellowship, reading, music One thing you want… Continue reading How To Be An Overcomer, Hope Gallon

When Being Single Teaches You How Amazing You Are

I never dreamt I’d be single this long.  In fact, I was engaged with the intention of being married by the tender age of 22. Now I’m 30. I’ve had a good run at the single life.   I’ve discovered there is really more to life than having a relationship (who would have thought?).  I wouldn’t… Continue reading When Being Single Teaches You How Amazing You Are

Friendship: Betrayal, Forgiveness & Reconciliation

This weekend I attended a doctoral graduation ceremony out of state.  The car ride was 6 hours long and my mom and I faced an additional 1 1/2 hour delay due to a four-car accident.  Rumor had it there was a semi involved. Even though I didn’t see the accident I know it had to… Continue reading Friendship: Betrayal, Forgiveness & Reconciliation