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Only a few months ago I was in the thick of the routine.  I had found a way to carve out interest in the mundane and apparently that was my ticket to change.  Often I felt like Joseph, sitting in that jail cell, weighed down by circumstances.  Now it feels like the chief butler has told Pharaoh about Joseph but Joseph doesn’t know it yet.  There is a word sent forth for his change in season, but the next assignment has not been given just yet.  There is still a process Joseph is going through.  He is still walking by faith.  He actually must prophesy and use his gifts to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams.  There is a role he plays in his own deliverance.  Faith without works is dead.

I sit here now at a desk with a computer awaiting clients.  No longer am I at my cubicle of 8 years but I’m at a desk I’ve only known for a week.  Well, we did get slightly acquainted last tax season but it was brief and part time so we didn’t have the luxury of getting too familiar with one another.  Now I am opening the store after only one week of training; leadership always seems to find me.

But I’m still in transition.

The King has sent forth a word concerning me, but I must prophesy about my future.  I must agree with the Word.  I am warring for that word to be manifested.

In the mean time, as I wait for the assignment, there are other assignments.  There are speaking engagements, and selling books, and preparing taxes.  There are times of worship and times of building my faith and letting God develop me in those weakness that I didn’t know were there.  That’s the thing about the routine, sometimes we get comfortable and we think just because its been that way for SO long, and we have been that way for so long, it will stay.  We will stay.  But we are always evolving.  We are always changing into the idea Elohim thought up before the world began.

It’s been a rough week.  The war.  The battle.  But I have chosen to live and not die.  And His Spirit has delivered me once again from the hand of the enemy.



Insights on Self Reliance

The other day while checking out at the grocery store the cashier checked my i.d and noticed my b day. He said “Ah, so an Aries. That means you are strong-willed and independent”. And while I’m not an advocate for horoscopes I could not deny the accuracy of that information. “Yes, well, that’s what my mom says” I offered with a smile. But mentally I was already dissecting those descriptors. Strong-willed, in other words, prideful and stubborn. Independent, easily meaning being self-reliant. Self-reliance was a huge issue on my heart yesterday. I kept feeling Holy Spirit highlight this tendency in me as being a hindrance to His plan for my life.  
While on 1 of 3 planes heading home from Haiti I sat next to a Haitian man. He and I dabbled in a conversation mixed with broken English, French and Creole. I would say his understanding of English far surpassed mine of Creole and French, though he would disagree. He asked me about myself and was so shocked to find that I was a single, working woman living on my own. No family. No children. Just me. I can’t even imagine how shocking that is to someone living in a culture where a random family member can move in with you with no end in sight simply b/c they have no means of providing for themselves. But God so ordained this season just for that. Me living on my own. Me doing my own thing. And I know several of my sisters doing the same thing.

A friend once told me that our strengths can also serve as our weaknesses. I think that is true. My ability to be independent, take care of myself, be firm in my convictions, beliefs and even lead others can hinder the need to surrender to the Father’s will when it differs from my own.

Yesterday I heard a really good sermon about Jacob wrestling with God. The minister said that the reason God did not prevail against Jacob (Gen 32:25) was b/c the fight was actually against Jacob’s will. God will not override our will. We must relinquish it. It was a really good word about Jacob relying on his ability to manipulate and deceive others. There were promises over his life but when it looked like they were not going to come to pass he took matters into his own hands and relied on his ability to deceive. He was self-reliant. His way of deception was actually a misuse of his gift of influence and leadership. Lucky for him he chose to be changed, though he had to fight for that change. Change is never easy, especially when you are learning a new way of functioning.

There are promises over my life which are tied to my gifts. But these gifts are being purified and sanctified in the journey so that they will not also be weaknesses. Humility is a sanctifier. Waiting and stillness bring forth humility.  

I am reminded of a word I received years ago. Deut 9: 4-5 

Do not think in your heart, after the Lord your God has cast them out before you, saying ‘Because of my righteousness the Lord has brought me in to possess this land’; but it is because of the wickedness of these nations that the Lord is driving them out from before you. It is not because of your righteousness of your heart that you go in to possess their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations that the Lord your God drives them out from before you, and that He may fulfill the word which the Lord swore to your fathers…”

I am reminded that it is not my righteousness that will cause me to complete His call. His call will be fulfilled in me b/c of His great plan for humanity. And His faithfulness in fulfilling His word over me. 

On another note, Happy first day of Fall!!! Here is a pic I took this morning in celebration of this new season 😉.  

 Also if you would like to check out the sermon I referenced earlier click here.