Like Father, Like Daughter

Being an only child has its pluses and minuses. Plus: You learn to play on your own. Minus: You usually hate to share. Plus: You usually have your physical needs met. Minus: You can be (maybe a little ūü§£) spoiled/self centered. Plus: You have a strong sense of self. Minus: You can be stubborn/bossy. (And… Continue reading Like Father, Like Daughter

Soldiers Need To Be Made

I’ve been watching “slave” shows¬†lately. ¬†One of them was “Underground” and it was really good. ¬†Though I really appreciated the character development, storyline¬†and creative writing it entailed I was let down by the lack of spirituality. ¬†There seemed to be no characters with really deep relationships with Christ. ¬†I think it has to do with… Continue reading Soldiers Need To Be Made


Only a few months ago I was in the thick of the routine.¬† I had found a way to carve out interest in the mundane and apparently that was my ticket to change.¬† Often I felt like Joseph, sitting in that jail cell, weighed down by circumstances.¬† Now it feels like the chief butler has… Continue reading Transitioning

Daughters of the King

I walk up to the front porch after no one answered my call through the back window. I always forget my voice is kind of soft and when I think others should hear me they don‚Äôt. So maybe that was the reason. Either way, I‚Äôm at the front and she opens the door. The brown… Continue reading Daughters of the King

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday I was treated to a b day dinner by two very good friends. ¬†These friends thoroughly blessed me, not just with the dinner but with their love and support during this very hard season for me. ¬†They embraced me and loved me and congratulated me for my obedience. ¬†They encouraged me and made me… Continue reading Birthday Dinner

The Art of War

I’m always drawn to these “darker” type of storylines.¬† Either there’s a¬†war happening, a murder to be solved, or some sort of conflict between two¬†opposing forces which can only be resolved in the termination of one of¬†those forces.¬† If the story includes a female heroine of some sort who¬†appears non threatening but proves she is… Continue reading The Art of War