The Purpose Driven Life

I made a confession to someone other than myself yesterday about some things that were heavy on my heart.  I confessed that I was struggling with my purpose.  I know enough to know that one’s sense of purpose is related to one’s sense of value.  And one’s sense of value is usually defined by those… Continue reading The Purpose Driven Life


As I mentioned in my previous post I am currently immersed in the “Divergent” series.  While there are many components of the story line that have lured me in, one of the most appealing is the Dauntless faction.  The Divergent story takes place in a city that is divided up by factions.  Each faction consists… Continue reading BE BRAVE.

The Art of War

I’m always drawn to these “darker” type of storylines.  Either there’s a war happening, a murder to be solved, or some sort of conflict between two opposing forces which can only be resolved in the termination of one of those forces.  If the story includes a female heroine of some sort who appears non threatening but proves she is… Continue reading The Art of War

His Law is Love

I’ve never considered myself to be a user.  You know, someone who depletes others’ time, energy, service, etc. for the sake of meeting their own needs.  For the sake of getting what they want…only with no intention of giving back.  I’ve always tried to give back.  Even if it was in a different way than… Continue reading His Law is Love

The Unlikely Guest

I walk into my kitchen with the intent of heating up some water and mixing it with a package of chocolate powder to get warm and satisfy my sweet craving.  But I stop short quickly when I see that he is there.  He is there and she is there, but it is him that surprises me because he… Continue reading The Unlikely Guest

When God Changes Your Appetite

Definition for Appetite: A desire for food or drink; a desire to satisfy any bodily need or craving; a desire or liking for something; fondness; taste It wasn’t until last night while discussing on the phone with a friend my newfound eating habits, that I realized these eating habits were a direct result of God giving me a new… Continue reading When God Changes Your Appetite

This is My Portion

Not too long ago I allowed my burning frustration with this season to boil over into anger.  I thought about the many journals I have stored up in my night stand drawer right next to my bed.  Pages and pages of letters to the Lord written over the last 11 years.  Pouring out my heart, my dreams, my dedications… Continue reading This is My Portion