The Not So Spotless Bride of Christ

Years ago my friend went through some hard times and instead of the body of Christ rallying around her and supporting her, they made things worse. Her pastors made things worse. The other elders and ministers in the church made things worse. They made her think something was wrong with her, when in fact, something… Continue reading The Not So Spotless Bride of Christ

Let Nothing Be Done in Selfish Ambition…

I have always considered ambition to be a good thing. Kind of like the opposite of laziness. But clearly scripture tells us ambition can actually be a bad thing…if it’s rooted in selfishness that is. Phil 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves” Sounds to… Continue reading Let Nothing Be Done in Selfish Ambition…

7 Years Later…

This month marks my 7 year anniversary with my current employer. It’s amazing how fast 7 years can fly by especially when working in an office environment where things can get a little…mundane. Unlike my friends who are teachers, there are no spring breaks, summer breaks, or winter breaks and thus we have other little… Continue reading 7 Years Later…

Celebrating Passover

*Please note, celebrating Passover is not a necessity for salvation as that can only be obtained through Christ. It is however an opportunity to be in position for God’s blessings and align with His timing in our lives*. Monday night I celebrated Passover with a family who used to be a part of our fellowship. The mom… Continue reading Celebrating Passover

Year of the Open Door: Ayin Dalet

In Sept 2013 I received a pretty lengthy word from the Lord through a fellow sister in Christ. While I was overwhelmed and blessed by the Lord’s attention, I did not have full understanding of the significance of the timing of the word and of its full revelation. As the months have rolled by, I… Continue reading Year of the Open Door: Ayin Dalet


I woke up this morning to PEACE. Such beautiful, lovely PEACE. I have spent the last few weeks overcoming heartbreak. Dealing with rejection issues. Walking out obedience and surrender. It’s been HARD, but so needed. Needed because of the JUNK that has been in my heart that has threatened my relationship with Christ. I forgot… Continue reading P.E.A.C.E

Waiting on the Suddenlies of God

“You went to the Bahamas Nicole”.  That is what I tell myself from time to time when I get discouraged and fearful about God’s plan and will for my future.  Am I the only one who is fearful of God’s plan for the future?  Am I the only one who loves Him like crazy because… Continue reading Waiting on the Suddenlies of God

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday I was treated to a b day dinner by two very good friends.  These friends thoroughly blessed me, not just with the dinner but with their love and support during this very hard season for me.  They embraced me and loved me and congratulated me for my obedience.  They encouraged me and made me… Continue reading Birthday Dinner