Year of the Open Door: Ayin Dalet

In Sept 2013 I received a pretty lengthy word from the Lord through a fellow sister in Christ. While I was overwhelmed and blessed by the Lord’s attention, I did not have full understanding of the significance of the timing of the word and of its full revelation. As the months have rolled by, I am gaining greater understanding in both areas. I am learning God’s ways which is inclusive of His timing and seasons. I am learning them through His instruction to His originally chosen people, the Jews.

When I received that word last year, I was not thinking about the fact that the Jews had just celebrated their New Year, also known as Rosh Hashanah, and that Rosh Hashanah had just in fact passed on Sept 4, 2013. I now understand this prophetic word was confirming a new season the Lord was establishing in my life. A new season of blessings that would last for the next 10 years.

A unique characteristic about Jewish people is that they think in cycles. While western culture teaches us to think linearly (it’s even worse if you’re a type “A” accountant type like yours truly!), from point A to point B, this is contrary to how God thinks and moves. We know that God thinks in cycles b/c of the appointed feasts He gave His people in the Old Testament. We also see it in His creation, as He made the earth round, the sun round, the moon round, etc… and has the planets revolve around the sun, and the moon revolve around the earth. He instructed the Jews to tell time by how many times the moon revolves around the earth which differs from our western culture that measures time by how many times the earth revolves around the sun. This may seem like an insignificant matter to the average Christian. After all, that was under the old covenant and we are God’s kids now, right? So wrong. God does not change, and He is intentional about the instructions He gives His people. He was letting the Jews in on the secret of how He moves and why. As believers we are grafted in to His family and He wants us to know His ways as well. Unfortunately our culture and linear way of thinking has deceived us from hearing Him and following in His ways. At best, we have followed Him but still did not understand Him (that would be me). We only knew that He was right and we were wrong (me again). But that thinking is rooted in religion. Jesus (Yeshua) now calls us friends and friends tell each other secrets. Also, a sign of maturing is having understanding as to why God has asked us to do something.

So now I have more understanding that the year of 2013/2014 is the year of open doors. Ayin Dalet is the Hebrew year 5774 which is our year 2014. Ayin Dalet means “74”. Ayin means “eye” or can be thought of as “vision” while Dalet is the number 4 meaning “open door”. So when God was giving me His word about me seeing with His eyes last year, it was in accordance with the decade of Ayin that we are in.

I have recently walked through a few open doors that I can think of. I have received some long awaited promises of Christ and He has confirmed there are more to come! Now I know it is because it is TIME. I did not know that I would need to war for some of these promises, but just as the children of Israel fought for the promised land, we are called to fight as well for some of our promises.

I pray the eyes of our hearts are opened to God’s ways. He longs for us to mature so that He can speak plainly with us, just as parents do with their children as they get older. Once we have understanding and revelation of Him, we can have PEACE and be in agreement with Him. We will understand the seasons of testing, trials, and warfare. We will anticipate the manifestation of His covenant promises and not fall into hope deferred.

He really does have exceedingly abundantly in store for His children, but we must be in the proper place and position to receive those promises.  We must understand the times and seasons so that we know what to do.

Here are a few websites I found which confirmed much of what Christ was speaking to me:

Please feel free to share any additional information that you have on this topic.


By Nicole D. Miller

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