Lies We Believe, Truth in the Inward Parts

“Fat, Black and Ugly!” Those were the words she was yelling at me down the middle school hall. I was a 7th grader and she was an 8th grader. She was bigger, stronger and more popular. So when she threw a basketball at me in the gym and it hit me in the head, I… Continue reading Lies We Believe, Truth in the Inward Parts

V Day Party/Book Release

I woke up super early Saturday morning and continued my cleaning and straitening up from the weekend before. I scrubbed and dusted and vacuumed. I looked outside and saw the white stuff taking over the world. “Lord, please make the snow stop for my party!” I know, it was a selfish prayer. But I prayed… Continue reading V Day Party/Book Release

One Year Later: V Day

So this time last year I was meeting my guy for our first date which just so happened to be on V Day. We went ice skating and it was something out of one of those sappy Lifetime movies (which are BTW now on Netflix!). My eyes fell on him and he was gorgeous. We… Continue reading One Year Later: V Day

Mission-Minded, Purpose-Driven, Eternally Focused

So I’ve been very distracted lately. Worry, anxiety and fear have been prevalent and I was heavy with sorrow. I couldn’t seem to find my way back to truth but in His grace Truth found me. A few weeks ago I was listening to some sermons by a well-known minister. I was encouraged and edified… Continue reading Mission-Minded, Purpose-Driven, Eternally Focused

When Settling Seems to be the Only Option

Dear Lady in Waiting, In a sense I’m writing to both you and myself, because, after all I am also waiting. I know what it’s like to wait, in more ways than one. I know what it’s like to walk down the aisle of a wedding, only to go to your designated position as bridesmaid… Continue reading When Settling Seems to be the Only Option

Write the Vision, Make it Plain

So Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about having a vision for my life. I find that a little difficult b/c my experience in this area has caused me to put so many dreams and goals on hold. In the area of relationships/family/living residence/career/and spirituality. Everything has been submitted to Him and every choice… Continue reading Write the Vision, Make it Plain

Winter Revelations

This week has been an adventure as every morning I woke up earlier than my normal, peaked outside through my blinds and assessed just how much snow had invaded my street. And every morning I prayed for the Lord to “not let me get stuck” in my parking spot as the snow was often blocking… Continue reading Winter Revelations

A Sweet Offering

Today I sent a text to my friend telling her I was struggling.  I revealed my soul in that text.  I shared my inner thoughts in that text.  And she did not take it lightly.  She understood.  And she proceeded to encourage me.  I told her about the pain of this season.  That, as much… Continue reading A Sweet Offering