Learning From Lady Wisdom

I held my IPhone 6 at a distance and spoke into the earbuds that were connected. I rarely hold the handset to my ear out of pure laziness and will usually have it on speaker. If I’m mobile while talking (or being extra lazy) I’ll use the earbuds. I sat on the comfy brown sofa… Continue reading Learning From Lady Wisdom

The Truth About “The Promise”

I’m in a prayer group for women who are standing on the Lord’s promise to bring them the man He has chosen for them. Wow, just typing that first sentence makes me feel super vulnerable! I never want people to think I’m “thirsty” or “weak” in this area, but I’m finding the balance with being… Continue reading The Truth About “The Promise”

The Dysfunctional Christian

I have been under a spiritual teaching for some time now that I have really not appreciated. Until now. It has rocked me. It has challenged my core beliefs and made me want to walk away so many times. But I’m finally starting to see why Holy Spirit has led me on this path. It… Continue reading The Dysfunctional Christian

Singles Need to Prepare for the Holidays

This New Year’s my friend from Haiti flew all the way to the States just for me. Okay, okay, she saw her family first. And of course visited with other friends. But that was just to cover up the fact that I was her real reason for visiting 😉. I usually bring in the New… Continue reading Singles Need to Prepare for the Holidays

I Forgot to Worship

I was on the phone with a friend the other day and she shared about a conversation she had regarding her employment. One of the people she spoke with made a comment, “You should always work in a job you are passionate about”. This person worked in HR and probably believed she was giving wise… Continue reading I Forgot to Worship