Can I Be Casual?

Many years ago I was pretty much desperate to be in a committed relationship. I hate to use that word but it’s pretty accurate.  I was needy and codependent and did not know my identity.  When you’re in a state like that you’re liable to accept anything.  And so I did.  Thankfully God got a… Continue reading Can I Be Casual?

Psalm 42: My Soul Longs for You

Last Saturday I woke up in the morning to the presence of the Lord. I heard two very distinct lines of scriptures: “Deep calls unto Deep” and “As the deer pants for the water, my soul pants for You”. It is rare I hear the Lord so clearly. I lay in His presence and soaked… Continue reading Psalm 42: My Soul Longs for You

The One Where I Talk About Sex…and God

I find myself being ministered to through love music. Not music necessarily written for worshipping the Most High. But music that exudes intimacy, passion, and love. These qualities are the essence of intimacy with Christ. And so I can’t help but think of Him when I hear these songs. I feel His Spirit drawing me… Continue reading The One Where I Talk About Sex…and God