It’s Our Time!: Key Lessons from “The Goonies”

One of the benefits of being an early 80’s baby is that I carry the fond memories of my 5-year-old self playing Nintendo with our next door neighbors, repeatedly watching MJ’s “Thriller” video (I actually used to think it was a movie b/c it was so long) and enjoying movies such as “Adventures in Baby-sitting”,… Continue reading It’s Our Time!: Key Lessons from “The Goonies”

The Perfect Gentleman

Saturday night he was a little late, but it was my fault b/c I kept changing our meeting time.  It had been 2 years since we last seen each other and he had been on my heart lately.  I knew we needed to connect and hang out so finally I took him up on his offer to take… Continue reading The Perfect Gentleman

A Slow Fade

I’ve been living this surrendered life for a little over 10 years now and so have many in my community.  One thing about a long lasting covenant relationship of any kind, whether it’s romantic, platonic or a love relationship with Jesus, is that that relationship is susceptible to…hmmm, well, how can I put this?  Let’s just say it.  Boredom. … Continue reading A Slow Fade

It’s a Great Day to Be Natural!

Ok, so this blog post is way past due, but hey, better late than never right?  For those of you who do not know, I was in transition to be natural for about a year and just a mere 2 weeks ago I finally succumbed to the B.C.  For all of my non-natural folks out there, that is… Continue reading It’s a Great Day to Be Natural!

The Single Moments of Life

I had one of those “single” moments the other day.  You know the kind…well maybe you don’t.  But the kind that causes the desire for a mate to overwhelm you so much so that in that moment your heart is overshadowed with pain.  All of a sudden I longed for a man’s arms to be… Continue reading The Single Moments of Life

When the Winds Blow

When you’re in the journey of faith long enough, you learn that there are not only natural storms but spiritual storms as well. Just like a natural storm, a spiritual storm can create such strong winds and rain that the duo will knock you right off your feet and you find yourself falling flat on… Continue reading When the Winds Blow