1. When we read about those who are upbeat all the time it makes us feel condemned because we are not upbeat. It is nice to hear the other side to encourage us. Your last part was so helpful to remind us God is still in control and our suffering will not last forever. God bless.

  2. Job is one of my favorite bible stories as it has been one that I never can forget because Job seemed to have lost everything including families, friends, etc. but He waited and trusted in our God day by day and in the end, God gave him more than what he had before because of his continued faith in God and we should not come up short in our faith as we have history that God has shared for men to record the stories from their time to our time which is still reverent now..

  3. Yesss! I needed this today. I, too, am in a Job season right now and it is so comforting to know that God places limits and that we already have the victory no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing! I sooooo needed this confirmation.

  4. Mhhhm! I couldn’t relate more! Thanks Nicole, I stumbled over your website when I was searching for Janette’s I waited for you and I couldn’t stop reading your blog posts, keep sharing, you doing a very great job.


  5. Great poat Nicole. I have also been through a Job season and by the grace of God and His word, who I am today is a drastic difference from who I was when I entered into it. My walk and relationship with the Lord is so much closer and stronger because of it. All the glory goes to God.

  6. Amen Glory to Yahweh, this was needed especially with the season I am in. I pray Your Will be done Abba-Yah. I know you as a merciful, Father of Restoration. In Jesus Name.

  7. I just want you to know I am one that God allowed you to write this for. Its 2022, and I needed every word that has been written. Thank you so much for obeying GOD. This season of suffering is hard and not easy to go through. But your words from God has given me much greater hope in GOD! Thank you!

  8. And in 2023 your post is still helping others. I am in a season of Job and it feels like this season will kill me. I’m bookmarking so I can read it again when I’m feeling defeated. Thank you for posting!

  9. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I was searching “Does everybody go through a Job season” on Google. Most responses were related to work ha, but yours popped up at the top. I’ve never been in a struggle like I am now and do I ever feel displaced but I understand the pruning and refining God does to us for us. I just hope I see the other side soon. Appreciate you posting this way back when. May be old but still relevant. Thank you.

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