Ending Well & Using Words

Several years ago, I was spiritually released from my previous employer. I had been through the “woo” at that company and my mom often joked about the possibility of them being exposed on the news due to their corruption (she even threatened to call the news a few times). But it was God’s will that… Continue reading Ending Well & Using Words

Coming of Age

I got to spend some time recently with a good friend of mine. I was looking forward to our time together but still a little apprehensive. We’ve been friends for years but so much has changed. And then, some things haven’t. Our connection hasn’t for one and that’s a good thing. I need as much… Continue reading Coming of Age

Here’s to the Future!

This weekend I put the pedal to the metal. Literally. My BFF planned to celebrate her b day in style and I planned to be there. Even in my planning I couldn’t have foreseen the significance of my presence. There have been so many shifts in my life in regards to my relationships in this… Continue reading Here’s to the Future!

A Much Needed Visit

God’s ways and paths are so different for each of His children. For some they have their families to demonstrate His unconditional love and acceptance as soon as they leave the womb. Whereas others are born into brokenness. For the latter, their families may have the best intentions of the world but life has dealt… Continue reading A Much Needed Visit

Feeling Old

Lately I have been feeling “OLD”. I told the Lord last night, “Jesus, I am old. I know to You I’m not. I know You are the Ancient of Days, but for me, this (32) is OLD”.  But I wasn’t just referring to my age, I was referring to the living for Him part. I was referring… Continue reading Feeling Old

A Closer Look At Ruth

• Ruth was in a season and after 10 years that season ended. I believe that during this 10 year period she was learning about Yahweh from her Mother-in-Law, Naomi. She was developing in her character, growing in her faith and ultimately she was being prepared for the change in season. • When it was… Continue reading A Closer Look At Ruth

Super “Aunt”

This weekend I did something out of the ordinary. Instead of going to the beach alone, spending my weekend reading, cleaning the house, watching random shows on Hulu/Youtube/Netflix or any other thing that only involved ME, I invited community into my plans. I texted a friend with 2 kids and invited her to the beach.… Continue reading Super “Aunt”