The Emotionally Healthy Leader

I just finished listening to this podcast on being an Emotionally Healthy Leader. I listened to it 2x it was so good! The man shared his experience of pastoring a church and everything breaking down in his life. He almost lost his marriage b/c he was so unhealthy emotionally. He realized spiritual maturity and emotional… Continue reading The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Something Beautiful

I really wanted to write a post about the blessed time I had with my family during the 4th of July.  Or maybe give you some updates on all the changes happening on the work front.  And I also wanted to write about finishing the TLD Dating Challenge (which was awesome BTW!) but instead I’ll… Continue reading Something Beautiful

Lessons From The Biggest Loser

   So I was watching an older season of “Biggest Loser” last night on Hulu as I tend to do from time to time and something really upset me. There was a contestant on there who was married and her partner had been voted off a few weeks prior. She, however was still “hanging in… Continue reading Lessons From The Biggest Loser