Building Slowly

I admit I can be an impatient person.  Even after all these years and all the tests God has used to develop patience w/in me, it is not my preference to wait.  But in the world of getting to know new people and developing relationships, I have come to value a person that takes their… Continue reading Building Slowly

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

I just finished listening to this podcast on being an Emotionally Healthy Leader. I listened to it 2x it was so good! The man shared his experience of pastoring a church and everything breaking down in his life. He almost lost his marriage b/c he was so unhealthy emotionally. He realized spiritual maturity and emotional… Continue reading The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Cast Your Cares Upon Him

Do you ever find yourself moseying along the course of life, feeling fine and doing “well”? Or maybe you’re not doing “well” but you’re doing “ok” and given your circumstances “ok” suffices as “well”. But then all of a sudden you look around and even though your circumstances were the same as they were when… Continue reading Cast Your Cares Upon Him

When the Going Get’s Tough…

I’ve never quit anything in my life.  Ever.  And I know you’re not supposed to say “never” or “always” because there are very few absolutes in this life.  But I can say pretty confidently that this statement is true for me,.  Even still, today was a challenge to hold on to this conviction. My freshman year of… Continue reading When the Going Get’s Tough…