Cast Your Cares Upon Him

Do you ever find yourself moseying along the course of life, feeling fine and doing “well”? Or maybe you’re not doing “well” but you’re doing “ok” and given your circumstances “ok” suffices as “well”. But then all of a sudden you look around and even though your circumstances were the same as they were when… Continue reading Cast Your Cares Upon Him

God, What Are You Trying to Teach Me?!

This season has been a doozy for my community of folks. It has been one thing after another of unexpected events aimed to take down the faith of the brethren and wear out the saints. The other night I was thinking about my own area of testing and wishing it away. “Man I can’t wait… Continue reading God, What Are You Trying to Teach Me?!

Receiving the Blessings of Abraham

In my walk with Christ I have tended to stray from feeling entitled to be “blessed by God”.  I’ve been leery about “going after” His blessings or even desiring them. Mostly because of the “prosperity message” that has run rampant in the church.  For those who are not aware, this message is rooted and laced… Continue reading Receiving the Blessings of Abraham