The Fight of My Life

When I look back on my testimony with Christ I struggle with the messiness of it all.  There was no perfect Christian home to serve as the foundation of my faith (I mean really is there ever?).  There was not even an ideal 2-parent family setup with a Cosby-like appeal.  Instead there was struggle and darkness and well meaning… Continue reading The Fight of My Life

Still Growing Up

For the first time today I admitted to myself, I don’t have it all together (you have no idea how much it freaks me out to admit this).  My plan isn’t working.  My future is not revealed.  I’m 30 and still wondering.  And that’s ok…  But not really.  Not for a type A planner, go-getter, ambitious, goal-oriented… Continue reading Still Growing Up

What I Like About Fall

Tis a new season!  The long awaited breeze of Fall is here.  The sky is overcast and surprisingly I couldn’t be happier.  To celebrate this new, yet familiar season I am eagerly sporting my colored tights, boots and layers of shirts, scarf and jacket.  For most of my life I only saw the beauty in Summer.  To bake in… Continue reading What I Like About Fall

To My Friend on Her Wedding Day

Dear Tierra, I can’t really remember how we met although I know it was through a mutual friend.  I definitely remember when I first saw you I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.  You were beautiful.  I wondered “wow, that girl is so pretty”.  But it wasn’t until we did Amy’s book club and we were… Continue reading To My Friend on Her Wedding Day

A Word in Due Season

Yesterday at fellowship I received what seemed like a 20-minute prophecy.  I was very caught off guard by God’s focus on me and His words as my heart wasn’t in the best place.  In fact, I almost missed them because their tone was so conversational and flowed like streams of water.  Before the deliverer of the words shared… Continue reading A Word in Due Season

Musings on Settling…

I sat across from my friend of 7+ years on her comfortable, homey sofa and tried to ignore the figure sprawled out on the floor at our feet. Her boyfriend, who was intently watching some sort of cartoon (Batman maybe?) on what I assumed to be her laptop, was not even worth conversing with in my opinion.… Continue reading Musings on Settling…

Finding Hope in Dire Circumstances

The joy of the Lord has truly been my companion in this season. Most days the beautiful rays of sunshine greet me in the morning and I bound out of bed to join the rest of the world in the hustle and bustle of life. It’s usually pretty easy for me to be joyful during… Continue reading Finding Hope in Dire Circumstances