Are You Calling Me A Time Waster Jesus???

The definition of efficiency: Able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort; competency in performance. Efficiency, had you asked me prior to today, is one of my greatest strengths. To get things done. To accomplish. Make things happen. Then why did I receive 3 different messages from 3 different sources encouraging… Continue reading Are You Calling Me A Time Waster Jesus???

Army of Lovers, Guest Post Tierra Moore

Upon reading this I could not stop the flow of tears running down my face. My friend Tierra Moore is a phenomenal woman… Lord, through the years we have made so many promises and declarations to you. We were fascinated by the zeal of your great prophets, disciples, and teachers. We were inspired and convinced… Continue reading Army of Lovers, Guest Post Tierra Moore

My Grandmother Prayed for Me

I realized driving home last night that the blessings in my life were a result of prayer. The traps set before me by the wicked one were expertly dodged not because of my own skill, but because of someone who prayed for me. I thought about the oh so close calls I came to settling… Continue reading My Grandmother Prayed for Me

Why I’m (Still) Single

I sat across the dinner table from my friend of several years. She was married and a mom of 4 and was sneaking off from her family to meet me in my time of need. We had planned this for some time but I did not foresee that I would just so happen to be… Continue reading Why I’m (Still) Single

How To Be An Overcomer, Audrey Trogden

Bio Name: Audrey W. Trogdon Age: 53 Occupation: Non-Profit Administrator Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Research and Spectator Sports One thing you want to accomplish/experience in life: Interview Questions: What does the word “overcome” mean to you? It means for me to gain victory, to reign or to have authority over. What was one or more life event(s)/experience(s)… Continue reading How To Be An Overcomer, Audrey Trogden

This Thanksgiving

I’ve been dreading the holidays for the last 7 years. Ever since my grandmother passed and took her home cooking along with her to heaven. It wasn’t the home cooking that I missed so much though, but the warm friendship we had shared since I was born. We were 2 peas in a pod, and… Continue reading This Thanksgiving