We Are Not Grasshoppers

Have you ever felt like a grasshopper? Your circumstances, your calling, your unction in your gut, feels much bigger than anything you can possibly fathom? I know I have. And over and over I keep feeling the Holy Spirit show me that these people I esteem and am often intimidated by, are just “people with platforms”.

More Than A Conqueror

This weekend has been full as they normally are.  I met with my brothers who I share tender memories with of hitting the streets with the gospel when we were young and full of zeal.  The only female surrounded by guys, I was just as bold and fearless.  Those were fond days with night long fellowship,… Continue reading More Than A Conqueror

Army of Lovers, Guest Post Tierra Moore

Upon reading this I could not stop the flow of tears running down my face. My friend Tierra Moore is a phenomenal woman… Lord, through the years we have made so many promises and declarations to you. We were fascinated by the zeal of your great prophets, disciples, and teachers. We were inspired and convinced… Continue reading Army of Lovers, Guest Post Tierra Moore