Preventative Maintenance for the Body: Finding Healing and Wholeness Through Food

There are certain aspects of life where we can see that it is vital to do preventative maintenance.  Let’s take a car for example.  We know we need to get regular tune ups, oil changes, etc…to ensure that we get the maximum life span from our vehicle.  My Honda Civic is already over 100,000 miles and I aim to… Continue reading Preventative Maintenance for the Body: Finding Healing and Wholeness Through Food

Just Another Day After Work

I’m currently sitting in Panera, awaiting the arrival of my soup and salad.  The perfect combination for an early fall evening.  Although it feels more like winter with the first visitation of snow making its way to Cleveland, Ohio.   So often I write about the past; recent life events that have had an impact… Continue reading Just Another Day After Work

Just Roommates

I’ve heard it said that married couples can fall into a “lull”.  Sometimes the lull lasts for months… sometimes years.  Subtly the couple’s relationship becomes based more on the kids and the house and their jobs than on each other.  Their love for each other turns cold and they find themselves sitting across the table at dinner with only… Continue reading Just Roommates

Happy Birthday Blog!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little blog!!!  It has been one year this month that I started blogging and words can’t express how amazed I am at the fruit that has come from this site.  BUT since it IS a BLOG, I will just have to TRY to use words :-).  In all honesty I originally had NO intention of… Continue reading Happy Birthday Blog!

Something Like an Astronaut

For years now I have struggled with the teaching and format of my spiritual covering (am I alone in this?).  I love my pastors.  Love my spiritual family.  But the WAY and the FUNCTION of this little group has consistently challenged me and taken me way out of my comfort zone.  Every time I tried to leave God told… Continue reading Something Like an Astronaut

Marriage at Its Finest

Saturday evening I was wandering aimlessly as my day’s plans had changed and I suddenly found myself with too much time on my hands (I know, I know, poor me). I was trying not to give in to temptation so prior to the cinema starting I made a last ditch effort and texted a friend… Continue reading Marriage at Its Finest

A Long Way Home

Four years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would become entangled in this way.  Not with him that is…And every meeting pushes me further and further away from my goal which is Christ.  To live for Him, to surrender to His will, to walk with Him.  Instead my spiritual compass is sporadically pointing in every direction and much… Continue reading A Long Way Home