We Are The More: Thoughts on Sonship

Can I tell you something that may seem a little sinful? I’ve been fighting with God lately.  I’ve been fighting because I want the old way.  I want the “over the top” way He rescues me.  I want the invading of my personhood with His intimacy.  I want to be like a child, but He… Continue reading We Are The More: Thoughts on Sonship

Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine

This week my friend came over and we hung out twice.  Even though the circumstances of this season are less than fortunate, I’m blessed to see my relationships with others growing in intimacy as a result.  This particular friend has been a surprising source of blessing and encouragement.  She and her husband have affirmed me… Continue reading Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Wine

Something Like an Astronaut

For years now I have struggled with the teaching and format of my spiritual covering (am I alone in this?).  I love my pastors.  Love my spiritual family.  But the WAY and the FUNCTION of this little group has consistently challenged me and taken me way out of my comfort zone.  Every time I tried to leave God told… Continue reading Something Like an Astronaut