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Wanna know what my favorite part of the day is these days?  It’s coming home.  When I come home often I am greeted with “welcome home!”  And those words ring beautifully in my ears.  Living alone has hardly been a thorn in my side.  I’m an introvert, raised an only child, so alone time is precious to me.  But there is a blessing in having companionship in your home and I have that gift in this season.  My roomie of 1 month serves as that companion.  We walked into this arrangement by blind faith, only knowing of one another through blogging and the few dinners we shared since meeting.  But though we did not know one another very well, we knew His voice…

Not long after her arrival, we had another companion join us.  Ben-Samuel.

Now this is an unusual name for a pet but he is not your typical cat!  This cat LOVES people.  He LOVES to be petted, touched, fed, and included in all household activities.  He makes that very clear when we are home that he is to be apart of the conversation.  One time he even moved a bag off the kitchen chair just so he could sit at the table with my roommate!  It is a given that if we are eating dinner at the table, he will join.  Literally.

Ben (aka Benny, aka Ben-Samuel) has gotten into a ritual of sitting on our laps when we are in the living room working on our computers in the evenings.  He will even sit on the keyboard!  I cannot help but allow him this treat as it clearly means so much to him to have this time with us.  He does this whole ritual with picking out and perfecting his spot. It’s always difficult when I have to move him to get up for tea.

My favorite memory thus far is having him come in my room at 5am this morning to sleep with me.  I had just finished working on my book and was laying back down when I felt the presence of little paws on my comforter.  It was Ben.  He was in heaven as he made his spot and I put my arm over him.  We both drifted off to sleep.

God has been so faithful to show me His love through others in this season.  I see it in the grace and forgiveness my friends offer.  I see it in His financial provision through my landlord and roommate.  And now I see it in Ben.  Ben loves people.  He is trusting and loving and all he wants to do is cuddle.

I love coming home these days.

My house is full.  My heart is too.



When God Is Silent (And You’re Single)



Check out my FIRST guest blog post with Single Roots!  They are an AMAZING ministry and resource for Christian singles!  In this post I discuss mental health issues and being a Christian.  Often it’s taboo to discuss such topics but I believe freedom and healing come through transparency.  Click to here read more…

We Are The More: Thoughts on Sonship

Can I tell you something that may seem a little sinful? I’ve been fighting with God lately.  I’ve been fighting because I want the old way.  I want the “over the top” way He rescues me.  I want the invading of my personhood with His intimacy.  I want to be like a child, but He is weaning me.  He is prying away my fingers from His bosom and taking away His milk.  I get frustrated because I want the milk.  I want the dependency we created these 14 years. I want Him.

Psalm 131:2 (AMP)

Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child [resting] with his mother, My soul is like a weaned child within me [composed and freed from discontent].


But even as I sit here struggling with this new way He is developing in me I hear a popular worship song. The song is a nice song.  It’s a good song, but it is asking Him for what He has already given.

We already have Him.

I am reminded of going to a few Christian events recently and the same song was playing at those events along with other popular Christian songs. And I am reminded of how I felt when those songs were played.  I knew the lyrics were “outdated” (even though these were new songs).  They were outdated in heaven.  I knew the people worshipping were sincere but they did not have revelation that God is maturing His body to a place where we are no longer “asking for more”.

We ARE the more.

God has created a plan so that His children will become Sons and the Sons will dominate the earth. That was the original plan, but we got off track.

God is calling for Sonship.

I was talking to my roommate last night right after this huge ordeal with trying to catch a mouse but instead we ended up with the kitchen flooded, a broken vacuum cleaner and at least 30 wet towels on the floor (but that is a story for another time). I told my roommate last night God had been dealing with me about not being moved by my emotions.  He had been showing me how fearful I had been by this little rodent and it was just that: a little rodent.  I am the owner of this home (well, kind of since my roommate and I rent).  I am larger than this mouse.  I am the one with the authority.  But often I have let fear intimidate me from using my authority.  This little event in our home has caused me to rise up, take my place and face my fear.

The world is desperately in need of Sons dear friends. They are lost and in darkness and do not know which way to turn.  Feeding from His bosom does well for us, but what does it do for them?  When we mature and are weaned and eat from more solid food, we then have that food to offer others.  They can then eat from maturity and wholeness and freedom.

The whole earth is waiting for the revealing of your true self. Will you partner with Him in revealing it?


Great News 😊

Yesterday something fantastic happened.  I got asked to be a regular contributor for a blog I highly esteem.  I have followed this blog for YEARS and in all honesty I felt their writers were “out of my league”.  They were (in my opinion) the cool kids of writing.  I actually was very nervous about the guest blog post I submitted and kept doubting that they would accept it.  Well, not only did they accept it but raved about it and offered me a spot on their team!  Amazing.

There have been SO MANY things like that that have happened this year.  This past weekend I had a FABULOUS time being me.  Hanging with new friends, dancing, enjoying good music and company.  Not to mention selling my book!  Sometimes God’s favor and blessings can be OVERWHELMING.

My roomie and I have been saying that a lot as we take joy in our new cat (he is quite the character) and marvel at God’s hand.  There are so many things happening I am just trying to keep up with Him.  Selah.

Friend, if you are in a rough season I just want to encourage you.  It is just a season.  And He is still God.  No matter what.

In other news I just took the next step in publishing my new book!  More details to come on that note!

Here are a few pics from the fabulousness of this season:


Blog Series: Encouragement From Marrieds to Singles (Kandis Taylor)

Hi guys!  The following interview is our final interview for this blog series “Encouragement From Marrieds to Singles”.  Enjoy!!!


Me: How long were you single?

Kandis: I was single for about a year before I met my husband. We met when I was 25 years old and he was 27. We married 4 years later.

Me: When you think back on your time of singleness what is one word you would use to describe that time and why?

Kandis: During my singleness I wasn’t exactly looking for “the one”. I had two serious relationships prior to meeting my husband and some “flings” in between to fill the void. So I guess my my one word would be “restored“. I wanted to have a feeling of peace and love that I knew I wasn’t receiving with my past relationships.

Me: What were some of the hard times of your singleness?  What were some of the great times?

Kandis: The hard times were sometimes feeling like I should settle and just go back to my ex. But I knew deep in my heart that God had different plans. I felt alone at times but again I knew that I wanted restoration and peace and I wanted real love.  The great times would have to be the process of moving on and not having any regrets and just enjoying life without the need to be in a relationship with someone

Me: What is one important lesson you learned in singleness?  In marriage?

Kandis: Getting to know yourself during singleness can be tough but at the same time fulfilling, having that time alone allowed me to discover myself. I discovered that I wasn’t adjusting my personality to suit the person I was with at the time. I discovered that God had a plan and purpose for me and in marriage it’s such a wonderful feeling to be with someone who helps you to grow spiritually and stands beside you while you’re fulfilling God’s purpose.

Me: What advice would you give to those who are waiting on God’s best and desire not to settle in their relationship choice?

Kandis: My advice would be to enjoy life, travel, serve others, listen, learn something new, find you, remember God has a plan for your life! Listen for HIS voice. Don’t settle, God is preparing HIS best for you!


Kandis Taylor is a wife, mom, sister, lover of God and faithful friend.  She enjoys serving with her husband and making sure her daughter has a good chance at running for president one day!

Busy Yet Waiting

It’s funny how you walk with God long enough and you start to notice patterns in your life.  Lots of my patterns have to do with waiting.  Often there will be a period of stretching, pressing, waiting and then a release.  In this season there are some new things happening.  The roommate is fully moved in and I have to marvel at how seamless that transition was.  One day she wasn’t there and then all of a sudden she was.  After 3 years.  That situation shows me how much He cares for us.  He knew I needed a period of recovery and He knew just how long that recovery period should be.

Other new stuff…open door after open door continue to lead the path before me with my book.  I’m excited to be a vendor this week at a popular poetry event happening.  God has given me so much favor, I simply don’t deserve it.  He’s been stirring up a desire in me to build my business.  I’ve been working, working, working, and I’m intrigued by what the final outcome will be.  There are so many resources coming to me.  I am surrounded by go getters and make-it-happeners.  No one in my inner circle is standing still.  I like those seasons.

But even in the busyness there is still down time.  There is still quiet.  I still feel stretched in some ways.  I’m still waiting in some ways.

I’m waiting to hear His voice again.  The way I used to.  I’m waiting to start a family, though I told my mom this weekend there won’t be any grandkids if I’m waiting in a few more years.  She and I have a differing of opinion on when it is too late to have children…

For now, my books are my babies.  I am pregnant with purpose and I don’t say that to be super spiritual.  It is simply a fact.  I feel much like Paul, poured out like a drink offering.  I know the sacrifices made were for the written word.  The projects I’m working on.  The people my story will help.

The roomie and I will have our first roommate outing tonight.  I look forward to it.

I look forward to each day these days.  To be home with a cup of tea and my laptop at my finger tips.  Everything is cozy and comforting and that helps the hurt I am still in recovery from.

Fun photo shoot 😉



Blog Series: Encouragement From Marrieds To Singles (Kelly Evans)

Me: How long were you single?

Kelly: I got married when I was 34, so 34 years!

Me: When you think back on your time of singleness what is one word you would use to describe that time and why?

Kelly: One word: mine. I want to say “adventurous” because I did enjoy being on the go and doing things that were out of the box and a little risky.  I want to say “free” because I could go wherever, whenever I wanted, the way the world views “free”.  I chose the word “mine” because those other adjectives describe marriage too. Singleness was mine because that’s just it, it was mine.  It didn’t belong to anyone else, it belonged to me.  Views that were mine, my walk with God, what God wanted to do through me, the enjoyments that were mine, friendships that were mine, the family that was mine, time that was mine, decisions that were mine, the adventures that were mine, etc.  It was all mine!

Me: What were some of the hard times of your singleness?  What were some of the great times?

Kelly: A hard time of singleness for me was when God revealed whom He wanted me to marry and then having to wait (5 years to date, 2 more until marriage) for that time to come.  Within that time it was the hardest to be single!  I would go through ups and downs in the trusting and waiting.  I would believe some days and not others.  I would pity myself some days and be excited about this revelation other days. Some great times were in college, never dating anyone and pouring out my time and life for reaching high school kids with the gospel and living in community with some girlfriends in the city (“Daisy Girls”) while intentionally seeking God and relationships with our neighbors!  So many significant memories in those times!

Me: Why do you think God incorporated a longer season of singleness in your story than some of your peers?

Kelly: Hmmm, I’m not sure.  I read in a book years ago now, (quite paraphrased) that it’s easy to string a single person along and say there must be something God is working out in you and so you must surrender, etc.… that kind of encouragement, or once you let go of the thought of marriage you’ll meet the one! The book went on to say that, “No. Marriage is designed by God and so is singleness.  One isn’t in preparation for the other, they just are.  You’re single because God has it for you to be single.  You’re married because God has it for you to be married.”  Having that understanding helped me to embrace being single and gain a better idea of the purpose of each season.  Both, no matter where you are, single or not, are purposeful and intentional simply because that’s where God has you.  Both are wonderfully good. Outside of that thought though, I think both my husband and I would say we needed to grow relationally, personally, emotionally…but then I think about when I had our son and I remember thinking more holistically, maybe it was more about the timing of our son’s life?  Maybe it had nothing to do with us and what we may have been waiting on/for, but more about the legacy God wanted to use us to put into motion and He had the whole picture in mind.

Me: What advice would you give to those who are waiting on God’s best and desire not to settle in their relationship choice?

Kelly: I would say, while it’s easy, like super easy, to compare and want what another has, waiting is the best.  You’re single because that’s what God has for you.  Your friend is married because that’s what God has for them.  When you release the comparison, freedom comes.  Freedom to be you, in the circumstance He created you to be in for that time.  Don’t settle for anything but what God wants for you.  He’s made you a certain way.  Be patient for the one God will use to refine the crap out of you and bring out the best in you.  Pray for that someone to see you as God sees you and pray the same for yourself, that you’d see them as God sees them.



Kelly Evans has been married for a little over 2 years and has a son who is 1.5 years old.  She is owner and operator of KRA Photography.  She is from Monterey, CA but has called Cleveland home for the past 9 years.  She loves spending time with others and exploring new places!

The Light & Darkness

This season has been full of high highs and low lows.  Similar to Dicken’s “A Tale of Two Cities” I can see the best and worst. I can see both the light and the dark.  They somehow coexist.  The beauty is that Christ is the same, no matter how tumultuous life gets.  He peaks at me through the people who love me, through their desire to connect with me.  He hides behind the open doors I know only He has the power to unlock.  I glimpse Him but He does not bombard me with His heart and presence and power the way He has in the past.  The way I was so used to.  No, He is maturing me.  Have you ever had a season like that?  Where you are being matured but you don’t really want to be?  He is developing the weak things in me…

Hebrews 12:12

Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees…

My roommate moved in last week!  She is such a blessing.  I know she is one of the many gifts the Father has given me in this season.  Her smile, her laugh, they are life.  It’s amazing how similar we are in temperament.  It’s amazing we met through this little blog.  God is an amazing connector!

I got to have dinner with an old friend.  She wanted to buy my book and actually bought 2.  She said she could have bought it a year ago but she needed it now.  God is using it in her healing.  I am blessed.  The next day I met a woman at a friend’s party.  She bought my book too.  God keeps selling them…

He is near, even when I can’t feel Him.  He protects me when my heart is in anguish.  When I’m sitting next to someone who was at one time the fabric of my life, my being, and yet we do not utter a word.  We are like two passersby, when once we were like Siamese twins.  I know the separation had to happen and I’m glad it did.  Still, some things in life are not easy to recover from.

I just received my manuscript back from my editor!  I began reviewing the changes last night, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in my hand and my roomie not too far away.  I love this season.  I love Fall.  I look forward to seeing how the Father will manifest His will in this new year of Rosh Shoshanna…


I really like this song right now..



This Is Us

Hi guys! Check out my guest post “This Is Us” on! This is my first guest post on Afi’s site and I’m so honored to have this opportunity! I met her through a fellow blogger and mutual friend.

The connections writing has created has been overwhelming in the BEST way!

Thanks for your support!!