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This Is Us

Hi guys! Check out my guest post “This Is Us” on authorofmyfaith.com! This is my first guest post on Afi’s site and I’m so honored to have this opportunity! I met her through a fellow blogger and mutual friend.

The connections writing has created has been overwhelming in the BEST way!

Thanks for your support!!


This morning I woke up, spent time with Jesus and made it to work early enough to do a scope while I walked to get my morning coffee (decaf). Its unlike me to do a scope that isn’t teaching about something I’m learning or to do it in the morning but it was a freeing experience. 

Being disciplined and routine is great but without balance we are all prone to wear ourselves out. Even if we really like the routine. That scope showed me how fabulous life can be and really how fabulous life is. There are so many things to be thankful for in my life and I never want to be ungrateful for how far God has brought me and what He’s given me. That being said, every day is still a struggle. I struggle to control my thoughts/moods and to receive love. I struggle to believe that one day (soon) this struggle will end.

I told my friend on the phone last night I grew prideful in the way God related to me and moved with me in the past. I thought it would always be that way. 

It is not that way in this season. 

I can only deduct that He is trying to teach me a new lesson. I must have learned all the old ones enough. Or maybe He is just taking a break from that pattern…

I know what I am experiencing is not common to man. I know it is not His will or original intention. Yet I still search for and desire the solution. The one that will open my heart once again to His love and presence and intimacy.  

Oh how I miss His intimacy.

At least there are really great people in this season and a great book to write and a great job to do. So many great things. 

Such a bittersweet season…


The Key To Life

Several years ago I received a prophetic word that “I will run on an excellent path”. I thought those were high praises from God. But what exactly did it mean? The definition of excellent is: “extremely good or outstanding”. I have always valued excellence. I have always wanted to be the best. Even as a child I beat myself up for not getting A’s on my report card. I was always very hard on myself. Now that I’m maturing in my faith I’m learning that my understanding of excellence is not always the Father’s understanding of excellence.

As I prayed this morning He showed me that this path is tailor made for my success. It has felt so challenging to me at times because it has exposed my weaknesses and required more perseverance and strength than I could ever possibly display. Of course that is the intent. I could not run an excellent path without the Holy Spirit. I could not keep the faith, persevere or overcome. The problem is I want to. I default to self reliance. I default to being too hard on myself. But this morning I was told this path is made in my favor. 

Dare I say yours is too? 

When I have struggled, God has given me TIME to recoup. He has not required me to have it all together and to even pass the test right away. Similar to Elijah when he faced fear God did not condemn him. Instead He met Him with a still, small voice and then set out to restore him. He gave him time.

Lately I have felt like knowing Christ is the key to life. The Holy Spirit leads you and guides you on the path that will yield the best possible outcome for you. The trick is that it can seem like He is playing you or you are losing out (especially when you compare your path to others). But thats only when we lean to our own understanding. We do not see the whole picture. We do not see the final outcome.

But He does. 

What better way to be guaranteed success at life then by being led by the One who designed it?

My life is proof that following Him leads to success.