When A Godly Man Pursues

For the longest time I’ve known that the man I would marry would pursue wholeheartedly.  There would be no holding back as he would realize my value and jump through hoops to capture his prize.  And for the longest time that did not happen.  Even in past relationships, I did not experience what the depths of my heart was… Continue reading When A Godly Man Pursues

Encouragement to My Single Sisters on V-Day

This morning I lay in my bed praying that God would lead my emotions.  As a woman it is so easy to be emotionally led.  I understand that not ALL women tend to lean on the more emotional, irrational, or even neurotic side of things, but overall, we, as a gender demonstrate these character traits… Continue reading Encouragement to My Single Sisters on V-Day

Dusting Off The Passport

So this morning I did something I haven’t done in a long time.  I looked under my bed, dug out the box decorated in Paris, France symbols, and took out my passport.  The passport I purchased nearly 4 years ago that has been collecting dust under my bed. And I smiled. Because now I will… Continue reading Dusting Off The Passport

Matters of the Heart

His interest took me by surprise, but I’m remaining open.  I’m uncharacteristically trying my hand at the less extreme side of thinks.  My personality type causes me to see things as black and white, right or wrong, husband or no husband.  But this narrow path with Christ has revealed far too many winding, dirt paved… Continue reading Matters of the Heart

An Ever Unfolding Testimony on Life, Love and Sexual Purity

Last year around this time I wrote about my testimony, which was this: Abstinence, Celibacy, Sexual Purity.  The Lord rewarded my obedience in this area by publishing it in a book compiled by a woman whose ministry is based on being a 30-something year old virgin.  Ultimately, she made it to her wedding night and… Continue reading An Ever Unfolding Testimony on Life, Love and Sexual Purity