His Mercies Are New

  This morning I got dressed in another fabulous outfit. I know they are fabulous because my roommate tells me so each morning right after our greeting ūüėČ. We made chit chat about the upcoming election (apparently it is not on Nov 4th the way I’m pretty sure it has always been), the game last… Continue reading His Mercies Are New


Wanna know what my favorite part of the day is these days?¬† It’s coming home.¬† When I come home¬†often I am greeted¬†with “welcome home!”¬† And those words ring beautifully in my ears.¬† Living alone¬†has hardly been a thorn in my side.¬† I’m an introvert, raised an only child, so alone time is precious to me.¬†… Continue reading Ben-Samuel

Valentine’s Day: From a Single’s Perspective

Well it’s that time again…V-Day.¬† Every year it catches me off guard.¬† I know there are many singles who dread the approaching holiday year after year and it’s on their radar as early as January.¬† There are many who cringe at the various business advertisements pushing their product of flowers, candy, and the standard teddy… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: From a Single’s Perspective