Domestic Violence Awareness

In all of the stories I’ve heard concerning domestic violence, the theme in them is that, even with all the craziness and chaos and danger, it’s still hard to leave that person. I can resonate with that. I know that we logically may not understand desiring someone who is harming us, but the heart is complex. When we give our emotions and being to someone else, it can be hard to just walk away.

Why I’m (Still) Single

I sat across the dinner table from my friend of several years. She was married and a mom of 4 and was sneaking off from her family to meet me in my time of need. We had planned this for some time but I did not foresee that I would just so happen to be… Continue reading Why I’m (Still) Single

Being Kept

This morning I listened to a podcast on dysfunctional relationships. It was HEAVY stuff. It’s so easy for me to forget how “crazy” people can be in their mindset and beliefs and the way they function. How “off” they can be in their character. I keep forgetting. And instead I listen to the deceitfulness of… Continue reading Being Kept

31 and Single

As a 30 something single with no children, my adult life experience has been lived out within the boundaries of these demographics. It is only now, in this season, that I have some sort of understanding as to WHY this has been God’s path for me (because I so didn’t want it). For nearly 10 years,… Continue reading 31 and Single

A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating (Well)

Ever see that movie “He’s Just Not that Into You”? Well if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve experienced, or know someone who’s experienced any of the types of relationships that were occurring in that movie. And most of the relationships were, well, dysfunctional. *Spoiler Alert* There’s a married couple who got married because they were… Continue reading A Single Girl’s Guide to Dating (Well)