When Life Looks Different

Can I be honest with you?  Because I’d like to.  It is my hope that this little blog brings hope and causes people to grow closer to God, but it is also my hope that I am transparent. When I was 19 years old something or rather, Someone got a hold of me.  I was… Continue reading When Life Looks Different

I Prayed for Movement

I prayed for movement because my friend hasn’t had a date in 7 years. My beautiful friend who is smart and funny and loves Jesus.  She overcame a brokenheart 10 years ago just like me.  Chose to let Christ lead her on this journey of faith just like I did. Has seen Him answer prayers… Continue reading I Prayed for Movement

A Mysterious Love

Now that I’ve walked some with Jesus I can look back on the path and see His hand, working, molding, shaping and developing. I kicked and screamed during most of that development but still, He had His way.  A friend of a friend had to give up a relationship recently. She cried, he cried and… Continue reading A Mysterious Love

When Dreams Change

10 years ago I was a college grad who wanted to travel the world, spread the gospel and when I was “old” (around age 40), I would settle down, marry and have kids. I thought I had it all figured out. Before then I was caught up with my boo. I was all about him… Continue reading When Dreams Change

The Selfish Saint

It is both unsettling and relieving to awaken to one’s own “neediness”. Unsettling because the pride I was subconsciously clinging to in my walk with Christ is being dispersed. It is relieving for this very same reason. One cannot be prideful when one sees this unattractive quality about themselves. Or at least a quality that… Continue reading The Selfish Saint

Peering Behind the Curtain

It is being brought to my attention in this season the true, unadulterated purpose of my life. For many years I thought its’ purpose was to achieve, receive and have. I would have told you it was to glorify my Maker. I would have said these words out loud in fervent declaration as I belted… Continue reading Peering Behind the Curtain

This is My Portion

Not too long ago I allowed my burning frustration with this season to boil over into anger.  I thought about the many journals I have stored up in my night stand drawer right next to my bed.  Pages and pages of letters to the Lord written over the last 11 years.  Pouring out my heart, my dreams, my dedications… Continue reading This is My Portion