When You’ve Come A Long Way

I sat in the Starbucks location 10 minutes from work using my early arrival as needed time to recoup from the day.  I was meeting an old high school friend and would need the short break to gather energy for the meeting.  Not because my time with her would not be enjoyable but simply because… Continue reading When You’ve Come A Long Way

When Dreams Change

10 years ago I was a college grad who wanted to travel the world, spread the gospel and when I was “old” (around age 40), I would settle down, marry and have kids. I thought I had it all figured out. Before then I was caught up with my boo. I was all about him… Continue reading When Dreams Change

Who’s That Girl?

She walks with an element of confidence that is undeniable. So focused on her mission she hardly notices the stares of her admirers. Even still, she can feel them as she makes her way in 3 inch heels, pencil skirt and killer smile to her ultimate destination: success in life. Accessories of scarves, bracelets and… Continue reading Who’s That Girl?