I Prayed for Movement

I prayed for movement because my friend hasn’t had a date in 7 years. My beautiful friend who is smart and funny and loves Jesus.  She overcame a brokenheart 10 years ago just like me.  Chose to let Christ lead her on this journey of faith just like I did. Has seen Him answer prayers and move on her behalf in so many areas of life but this one. There has been no movement for her. She has just been waiting. She says that she is hidden. She knows she is hidden and if God is hiding her then He is protecting her. He is storing up some good stuff for her. But 7 years is 7 years. That is her sacrifice for the call.

“I know God is investing in me”, I shared with her. I know He has taken great lengths with my journey and been so intentional with me because He is expecting to get a return on His investment. I know my life is attached to a harvest and there needs to be an annointing to receive that harvest. The anointing comes through the process“.

Neither of us knew what that process would look like 10 years ago. We didn’t know it would mean 7 years with no movement. Or in my case movement after 9 years only to sacrifice it all over again. God doesn’t tell you stuff like that. 

He just says “follow me”.

He just says “come and die”.

Before we ended our call I prayed for both of us. I prayed we would be the women He intended. I thanked Him for all He has done. I reminded Him He is faithful. And I prayed for movement in 2016 for both of us. I did this because when I pray for movement, He moves.  SHALOM

By Nicole D. Miller

Nicole D. Miller is an author and heartfelt writer, as expressed on her blog Better Than Wine. Her books are published at nicoledmiller.com and on Amazon. She loves all things “old school” hip-hop and R&B, along with any outfit that involves cute boots and thick scarves. She even manages to run her own bookkeeping business (www.abnbookkeepingllc.com) when she’s not cuddling her cute cat she fondly calls, “Squeaks”.


  1. Amen! This morning I was praying for a friend, that she would hear a favorable outcome at an appointment. And literally as I was praying she texted me with good news! HE MOVES! Sometimes very quickly.

  2. Nicole. Miller. You consistently have timely words of encouragement (period). Amen to MOVEMENT in 2016. I was sharing with Abba this past weekend about the same thing! He so tenderly revealed to me that the supernatural ground He and I have gained together in this Season is unmatched. So here’s to us single-eyed women…who are steadying our gaze on Jesus and growing in leaps and bounds along the way (whether we feel it or not).

    Prayers for you,


    1. Thanks soooo much Leah!!! I always look forward to your comments 🙂 I’m so blessed to know I am hearing Him and on one accord! He is FAITHFUL. I pray we are flowing WITH Him and being sensitive to His movement. Blessings to you!!!

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