Late to the Party: Getting Older

At 38 and counting, I’m grateful for the Father’s path for me. I’m grateful that He put me exactly where I always wanted to be in so many ways. I’m grateful for the things that are on the horizon, especially with my business(es). But the question tucked in between all of that gratefulness is,

Will I have children?

From my very own womb? And in these moments of questioning, I am Hannah. And Abraham. And David. Who all asked the same thing. With the same yearning. And the same burning desire.

Beautiful Things

Watching “Cinderella” with friends Dialoguing with friends about the spiritual messages we received from the movie (Cinderella) Car pooling with spiritual family Laughing with spiritual family Eating with spiritual family Developing a new friendship with a beautiful, godly woman who thinks I too am a beautiful godly woman Not working for 4 weeks and then… Continue reading Beautiful Things

Retail Therapy & Really Good Friends

2 days ago my BFF and I spent 6 hours unashamedly doing nothing. Well, that’s not true. We shopped, ate, lounged and shopped some more :-). This season is full of wide open spaces for me. Not so much for my friend, so I’m glad to share a little of my God-given quiet moments with… Continue reading Retail Therapy & Really Good Friends

Fly Girl

It’s funny how you can be oblivious to certain things in your culture. You’ve grown up in it, been immersed in it since birth and are pretty immune to certain occurrences.  The same goes for family culture. I am realizing in this season how much my family culture has shaped my identity. One particular way… Continue reading Fly Girl

What I Like About Fall

Tis a new season!  The long awaited breeze of Fall is here.  The sky is overcast and surprisingly I couldn’t be happier.  To celebrate this new, yet familiar season I am eagerly sporting my colored tights, boots and layers of shirts, scarf and jacket.  For most of my life I only saw the beauty in Summer.  To bake in… Continue reading What I Like About Fall