Navigating Grief During the Holidays

I have other friends who do not have close families, and so we have been intentional to connect during these times, so that we have someone. For the last three Christmases, one of my besties and I have taken trips that have been phenomenal. There have been some sad moments of course, but the comfort of sharing these moments with someone who gets it, is invaluable. I understand that the road I am called to walk is definitely rocky, but there are several around me who are walking it with me, and that brings its own joy.

Super “Aunt”

This weekend I did something out of the ordinary. Instead of going to the beach alone, spending my weekend reading, cleaning the house, watching random shows on Hulu/Youtube/Netflix or any other thing that only involved ME, I invited community into my plans. I texted a friend with 2 kids and invited her to the beach.… Continue reading Super “Aunt”