The Art of Waiting

In that dialogue, one of the questions was, “Have you ever had to ‘wait on God’? If so, what are some practical tools you used that helped in your wait”? Whew! Ya’ll already know what it is with me! I feel like I been waiting on Jesus FOREVA to bring this man. (Where he at Jesus??) But aside from that, just in general, God has typically used waiting in my story. Even stuff I thought was a “suddenly” was more like a, “suddenly this appeared after I had been waiting all this time”! LOL.

Mission-Minded, Purpose-Driven, Eternally Focused

So I’ve been very distracted lately. Worry, anxiety and fear have been prevalent and I was heavy with sorrow. I couldn’t seem to find my way back to truth but in His grace Truth found me. A few weeks ago I was listening to some sermons by a well-known minister. I was encouraged and edified… Continue reading Mission-Minded, Purpose-Driven, Eternally Focused