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Home Sweet Homeđź’•

This weekend I got the keys to my new house. I am still in awww. It does not seem real and I keep marveling at how FAST everything happened. My friend asked me last night what were my first steps of obedience that led to this gift? Thinking about it for a minute I shared about making the decision to move in with my mom. That was such a leap of faith. At the time I had been living on my own for 10 years. The place I was residing in was quaint and cute and comfortable. I had no real reason to leave and was enjoying my time in that city. I was also enjoying my time with a new roommate.

But when my mom asked me to live with her to help her financially to transition from her job I said “yes”. My friend marveled at my response and felt like it showed great faith, but for me I had heard God. How is it faith when He is making it clear what He wants? Either way that was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I had no idea the Father was giving us time.

After her passing I knew He would be sensitive to my time in the home we had shared. I was in no rush to move even though I knew eventually I would. That house served as a great comfort to me in my grieving process.

The next step of faith was probably choosing to end my lease and pay month to month. My pastor suggested it and although I did it I still thought it was very unlikely that I would move anytime soon. I just new I was overpaying and would need to move at some point. There were a few things going wrong with the home and they were indications that I could not stay there. The desire of my heart was to have my own which would also fulfill legacy.

And then I met with my friend’s realtor who I had underestimated. I did not know what a jewel she was and how divine our connection would be. I had given up on the home buying process and she was the one who kept the faith. She was the one who found my home.

“So how did you know this was it?” My friend asked. “I didn’t.” I replied. I explained it was everyone around me. It was the open door after open door. It was seeing God’s hand in the people and the process.

I fully expected to fall in love at first site with my house. There was one house in particular that I did that with. I was so giddy over that home I couldn’t sleep the whole night. But the day before I was going to put my offer in it was taken off the market. I was so hurt. It wasn’t mine.

“So when did you fall in love?” Another friend asked. “Now,” I said. I am falling in love now. I go from room to room in joy and awww. I discover so many little things that bring me joy and make me smile. I can feel the Father smiling with me. It is like He is discovering through my eyes. It is new to Him because it is new to me.

This home brings me comfort. It gives me rest.

I asked the Lord why did He choose this one and not the other one? “Intimacy”, He said. This home is more intimate. It feels like it is embracing me and hugging me when I am in it.

I am so blessed by the people and the process of buying a home. God is truly in all things. And now for the first time in 3 generations we are homeowners again.

May He receive all the glory in this home and may it be used for His good purposes.


Taking the Leap

Yesterday my mom called extremely upset. Her beloved flip phone had died. While she shared her angst at her current predicament, I beamed for joy. It was time for an upgrade! We made our way to the Verizon location of her choice and spent 2 hours reviewing, discussing and finally settling on the perfect purchase for her. Now, for the uninformed you must know my mother is super old school. She does not like change and if that old flip phone of hers had not finally given up the ghost, well, there is no telling when she would have taken the leap into smart phone land. But leap she did! Even when the sales rep tried to offer her the little phone that has the key board that slides out (which is a step up from the flip phone but not as savvy as the smart phone) she was torn. I had already groomed her for the smart phone. I had already been introducing her to text messaging and was getting her comfortable for this change. In the end all of my efforts paid off. She was the owner of her very first smart phone.  
I tell this story because I know it is a picture of God’s goodness towards us. Sometimes we are fearful of the blessing simply b/c it means change. Our wounds, our pain, our poverty can be comfortable and for that reason alone we hold on tight to our current state. I myself am struggling to walk in freedom from a poverty mindset and walk boldly towards the promotion and blessings God has promised. But yesterday, I knew that my role was to help my mother transition. I knew that when fear tried to keep her in her comfort zone I was to encourage her to do what she really desired to do: receive the more. “Don’t settle” I told her. And I knew I was talking to myself. I watched her feel disappointed when presented with the keyboard phone. I felt her confusion. Should she get this one? It wasn’t really what she wanted but it was a step up from the flip phone. Here’s the thing, we don’t always need to make contact on each step. Sometimes, we can skip a few, simply b/c we have been so faithful on the step we were on. Sometimes we were there too long and God wants to get us to the top of the staircase faster as a result!  

In this season He has opened up so many doors of ministry for me with my book. Just today I was told that I needed to be utilized now b/c when the door in my career opens I won’t have time. I have been told that a few times and have not really believed it until told once again today. Maybe I won’t have time for these things in the next season. Either way I have every intention of being about my Father’s business TODAY.

I am saddened by the loss of lives terrorism and crazy people are causing in this generation. It makes me so sad. It also gives me a sense of urgency. My life is but a vapor. The window of time I have may seem long but that is deception. There are only a number of days I have, a number of months, a number of years for me to impact this generation for the kingdom’s sake.  

I don’t have time for fear.  

I must walk by faith, take the leap and receive the blessing.