I’ve never been too happy about change.  Unless it’s found at the bottom of my purse, allowing me the ability to purchase something sweet from the vending machine, I’m pretty much resistant to it.  Nevertheless, life brings change.  God operates in seasons, and while early in my walk with the Lord I had no concept… Continue reading Change


Lately I’ve been noticing pride rearing its’ ugly head in the secret compartments of my heart.  On the one hand I’m grateful to the Holy Spirit for convicting me and showing me areas I have pride in, on the other hand…I’d just rather it not be there at all.  But even making that last statement… Continue reading Humility

Full House

Ever watch Uncle Jesse, Joey, Danny, Michelle, Stephanie and DJ juggle life, love and happiness on screen, seemingly without a hitch?  That was great tv. folks!  Back before it was cool to see teenagers engaging in premarital sex.  Back before the gay agenda was running rampant in the media.  Back when things were a little… Continue reading Full House

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Godly Attraction to the Wrong Man

For the last several months I’ve been battling an attraction to a brother in Christ who I know is not my husband.  It’s been ROUGH.  How do I know he is not my husband?  Cuz God said so.  We are His sheep and we know His voice.  That is what I have to keep telling… Continue reading Godly Attraction to the Wrong Man