In Position for the New

At the beginning of the year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish this year and you know what? I met many of those goals. The Father honored my heart and desire to keep moving forward in passion and purpose and faith. He gave me a personal word that He was going… Continue reading In Position for the New

When Sparing Change Hinders the Gospel

Her dirty blonde hair hung limp at her shoulders.  Baggy, dark clothes falling loosely on her frame.  With no shame or hesitancy she made her way to me.  “Can you spare $.25?  I got to get to the bus.”  She was a little jumpy but I could not attribute that to drug use…could just be… Continue reading When Sparing Change Hinders the Gospel


I’ve never been too happy about change.  Unless it’s found at the bottom of my purse, allowing me the ability to purchase something sweet from the vending machine, I’m pretty much resistant to it.  Nevertheless, life brings change.  God operates in seasons, and while early in my walk with the Lord I had no concept… Continue reading Change