The Job Season

If there is one character in the Bible I never wanted to relate to it is Job. I mean seriously, that man went through everything under the sun! He lost it all and then had the nerve to worship right after he did! Talk about FAITHFUL. I have said I wanted my life partner to have his heart and character, but I didn’t think about how I myself would need the same to compliment him LOL. 

Although I can’t say my life has been so greatly impacted as the life of Job (thank You Lord) I know the Father calls this a “Job season” for me. 

It is a suffering season.  

As with Job there is much mental and emotional pain. There is the absence of God’s voice (in the way I’m used to Him speaking) and presence. There is the facing of my deepest fears, day in, day out. And there is an endurance that needs to be cultivated because the season is relentless.But even with all of its challenges I know there are still boundaries on this thing. With all that Job went through the enemy was not allowed to kill him. There were still limitations and I see that in my own life. God continues to move forward and open doors and manifest His plans. 

Even if He doesn’t manifest His presence.

I hesitated in sharing because I always want to encourage my readers to fight the good fight, but Im sure there is encouragement in knowing that those of you going through a dark season, are not alone. 

I wrote a journal entry I would like to share. Feel free to substitute your name for mine. Know that His Word and promises over your life WILL come to pass. And just as with Job, your suffering will end and you will come out better than before:

Nicole, this is only a season. I am maturing you. I have manifested Myself and My love to you so much to prepare you for this season and seasons to come. I am developing you. Count it all joy when you are tested because when you come out you will be better. Anxiety and fear is something you were functioning in throughout Our relationship and I do not want that. I want a better relationship with you. I want you to function from my love w/o fear in Our relationship. You are breaking strongholds. You are breaking generational curses and that takes time. You are not alone though you feel that you are often. I am with you but I am moving in a way that is different than I have moved with you in the past. That is because I am teaching you something. I am developing you and when you get to the other side so much of this will make sense. You will get to the other side because My word promises you that; I will complete the work, I will perfect that which concerns you, I will never leave you nor forsake you. My Word does not return void. Lean on My Word. I have given you My Word and your testimony. I have given you sound teaching and a community to demonstrate my unconditional love for you to aid you in this season.

You are in a Job season. You are in a suffering season but you are already coming out. I have already given you the victory and I set up your life so that you would overcome in this season at this time. When you overcome, you will be more equipped to help others. You will be more empathetic and humble. You will be more effective for the kingdom.  SHALOM

13 thoughts on “The Job Season

  1. When we read about those who are upbeat all the time it makes us feel condemned because we are not upbeat. It is nice to hear the other side to encourage us. Your last part was so helpful to remind us God is still in control and our suffering will not last forever. God bless.

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  2. Job is one of my favorite bible stories as it has been one that I never can forget because Job seemed to have lost everything including families, friends, etc. but He waited and trusted in our God day by day and in the end, God gave him more than what he had before because of his continued faith in God and we should not come up short in our faith as we have history that God has shared for men to record the stories from their time to our time which is still reverent now..


  3. Yesss! I needed this today. I, too, am in a Job season right now and it is so comforting to know that God places limits and that we already have the victory no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing! I sooooo needed this confirmation.

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  4. Mhhhm! I couldn’t relate more! Thanks Nicole, I stumbled over your website when I was searching for Janette’s I waited for you and I couldn’t stop reading your blog posts, keep sharing, you doing a very great job.


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  5. Great poat Nicole. I have also been through a Job season and by the grace of God and His word, who I am today is a drastic difference from who I was when I entered into it. My walk and relationship with the Lord is so much closer and stronger because of it. All the glory goes to God.

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