3 thoughts on “Should I Be Expecting Marriage?

  1. been following this blog silently for a while and seeing your posts and then a sudden difference with this one. I wish i had posted a comment then. When i saw “his love is better than wine” i expected nothing about waiting. So when i read the pain in the tone of your ink i thought to myself “isnt waiting supposed to be like self love. waiting without really waiting? like u do focus on other things besides the singleness. Today i read the change and i smile. All is well i say


    • Thanks for sharing Kadali!! Waiting is definitely a tool the Father has used and continues to use in my journey. Definitely waiting in singleness is a huge part of my journey. Glad you were edified!

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    • Hi Kadali, after re-reading your comment I realize your perception of my blog is that I only discuss the pain of singleness (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m not sure how long you have been following this blog however I would encourage you to view the wholeness of a person’s story before making a judgement on just a partial perspective. There are many seasons to this life and walking with Christ, and I want to be honest about all of the seasons I am in when I am in them. Blessings in your journey.

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