Comic Books & The Dance

I find myself in unknown territory.  A path similar to those I’ve traveled
 before but one still unlike any other.  This season is laced with richness 
and goodies hidden throughout the day.  Christ has answered my request to
 make the ordinary a little more extraordinary.  Yesterday after fellowship
 (church) I read a comic book to a 5 year old named Alex.  It was the 
highlight of my day.  To see the world through his eyes… if only for 15 
minutes.  We needed each other.  Alex needed my reading ability as he can’t
 yet pronounce most of the words and I needed his childlike simplicity and 

The wonder of a child is priceless.

So there we were,
 sprawled out in the middle of the room, sharing in the journey of Sonic the
 Hedgehog and his latest foe.  Of course Sonic defeated the foe but it was 
exciting to Alex all the same and because it was exciting to Alex it was 
exciting to me.  I’m sure that’s how it is with the Lord.  Even though He
 knows everything, from the beginning to the end, because He loves us so
 much, He gets excited to experience life through us, as we walk out this
 journey.  Parents probably experience this all the time, as their children 
learn and grow.  Yesterday I got to have that with Alex.  Hopefully next
 week he brings a new comic book.

I received a different kind of surprise Friday night when a woman I barely knew shared
 a word of encouragement to me, confirming various things.  God is calling me to dance in this season.  He’s used me in the past in dance ministries but now He is expressing an
 urgency that I dance in this season.  I’m hoping to find an 
inexpensive/free dance studio to practice in.  There’s just something about 
having the right attire and venue that helps one understand their identity.
When I have a mic in my hand, my calling as a singer is confirmed.  When I
 have on dance attire, I feel like a dancer.  When I dance in a studio, it
  makes something in me come alive.  Something that was asleep, or maybe just 
resting, awakens, and freedom is released.  I’m currently choreographing a 
dance to “Shadowfeet” by Brooke Fraser.  Every time I choreograph, it’s by 
faith.  I dance by faith.  I have no idea what steps or moves will be
 created beforehand.  I just focus on God and move.  I’m not sure how others do it, but 
that’s what works for me.

I believe Christ is calling me in this time to 
equip others.  In the past He has used others to equip me, yet now it’s my 
time to equip.  Because He has put a deposit in me, it is time for the
 deposit to be released.

Everything we go through in this life, the good, the bad, the ugly, can all 
be used for God’s glory…if we let Him use it.  I choose to let Him use 
it.  Do you?

By Nicole D. Miller

Nicole D. Miller is an author and heartfelt writer, as expressed on her blog Better Than Wine. Her books are published at and on Amazon. She loves all things “old school” hip-hop and R&B, along with any outfit that involves cute boots and thick scarves. She even manages to run her own bookkeeping business ( when she’s not cuddling her cute cat she fondly calls, “Squeaks”.

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